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5 Things To Keep In Mind During Epic EMR Demo

Epic EMR Demo

Epic EMR is one of the most top-rated health recording solutions we have on the market. It is a cloud-based system that has been offering robust health IT solutions since its founding in 1979. The platform comes with an extensive range of features to help users streamline their day-to-day tasks. It is a popular EHR choice and is used by a number of medical specialties for improving the quality of patient care. But before investing in any healthcare IT product, most users prefer opting for a demo to evaluate various aspects, such as customization options, feature set, and upload time to find out whether the software is a right fit for their healthcare practice or not. So, if you are thinking of investing in Epic EMR, you might want to test-drive it by booking an Epic EMR demo.

Epic EMR – An overview

As mentioned above, Epic is a cloud-based EHR platform that can be used across a broad range of facilities, from independent practices to community hospitals to multi-specialty health setups and hospice care providers. The software provides the standard range of core EHR features while facilities can add modules according to their particular specialty. It emphasizes greatly on patient engagement and remote care facilities.

A robust patient portal, offered as a native app for both iOS and Android operating systems, enables patients to participate more actively throughout their care process. The vendor also emphasizes interoperability and makes exchanging patient information a breeze. With this platform, more and more healthcare providers have been able to attest to Meaningful Use Stages. Epic’s open API facilitates seamless integration with third-party apps and systems. Besides, this cloud platform is available on any device connected to an internet connection.

Although Epic is neck-to-neck with useful features, there are a few aspects you need to keep in mind during the demo, and let’s find out what those are without any further ado.

5 Things You Should Remember During Epic EMR Demo

1. Interoperability to Improve Care Quality

Interoperability is a crucial aspect for any healthcare facility as it supports patient information exchange across multiple departments and organizations. Epic also supports this functionality and lets users exchange more patient charts for better health outcomes than any other vendor. While taking the demo for this EMR product, you should definitely evaluate the level of interoperability supported by this platform. This aspect does not only improve the care quality but also lets organizations lower healthcare costs.

2. Intuitive user interface

Epic EMR software offers a user-friendly interface to let clinicians easily handle their daily workflows. While test-driving this software solution, you need to significantly consider its ease of use and navigation. According to Epic EMR reviews, it offers a brilliantly designed user interface that helps providers save time by cutting down the number of clicks required to complete any task. This is an important thing to verify during the demo.

3. Revenue Cycle Management for Better Financial Outcomes

The RCM tools offered by Epic EHR software handle the payment process automatically, kicking out the worry of payments and enabling doctors to focus on delivering the best patient care possible.. Not to forget that Epic claims to maximize your revenue while protecting payments so that a provider’s ability to focus on patients is not harmed. Therefore, you should carefully assess this crucial aspect while taking the demo.

4. Patient Portal for Improved Patient Engagement

A robust patient portal with all the right options to improve patient engagement is a must-have for any healthcare organization. Epic says that its patient portal allows patients to access their personal and health information on their mobile devices. Moreover, as per the user reviews, it also lets them exchange messages with providers, schedule appointments, request prescription refills, and complete forms. This means that the patient portal feature of this platform can greatly influence the communication between your patients and providers and how practitioners access the medical records of their patients. So, you have to pay attention to this aspect during the demo and find out how this feature can improve patient engagement for you care facility.

5. Telehealth

This health IT platform offers an excellent telehealth solution that enables physicians to provide remote care sessions and monitor patients. Epic software reviews also vouch for the fact that this useful solution comes with a dozen of tools to handle ICU monitoring, telecardiology, chronic disease management, one-on-one consultations, and video visits with patients. This feature also lets you treat more patients during the current COVID-19 crisis thus, you should definitely explore Epic’s telehealth capabilities during the demo.

Pricing Details

The vendor does not disclose its pricing information publicly. However, some third-party sources suggest Epic EMR pricing plan starts at $1,200.00 for their self-hosted solutions.


Epic EMR is a best-of-the-breed electronic health recording solution that offers comprehensive functionalities to boost operational efficiency and improve patient care. With a user interface that is easy to use and navigate, Epic streamlines your day-to-day tasks and supports seamless integration with third-party systems. The features listed above have received perfect starred reviews from users. Epic EMR demo can further help you understand why this software solution is the right fit for your healthcare practice. However, if you are still having second thoughts about implementing this solution in your facility, you can always look for its tutorials and reviews on Software Finder.

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