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A Beginner’s Guide to Gaming


Gaming has become an entertaining and immersive way to hone your skills in virtual combat and train your brain to boost your problem-solving skills, not to mention it’s a fantastic way of meeting like-minded people. However, what you might not have known previously is that it can also be a vocational career.

If you are just dipping your toe in the proverbial water of gaming and wondering where to start and indeed figure out if gaming is for you, you have certainly come to the right place for guidance. Here, for your information and to clarify the basics of starting gaming as a hobby, is a comprehensive beginner’s guide to gaming.

Choose Your System!

The first and altogether most important thing to do after deciding to pursue gaming is to choose the device, system, and associated technologies you want to use as a gamer.

There are essentially three options when it comes to choosing the way in which you will play your games:

  1. A gaming PC
  2. A games console
  3. A gaming laptop

Each device has its own advantages and, conversely, disadvantages. The best way to decide which is best for you is to determine what you actually want to get out of your gaming experience.

A gaming console is generally accepted to be a more family-friendly experience, or indeed at least a more social experience; not only will your game console likely be positioned in your living room, but consoles encourage online socialization and participation in group games.

On the other hand, gaming PCs and laptops are usually considered to be the superior technologies for committed gamers and can also be the ideal place to start for rookie gamers too.

Impressive and surprisingly reasonably priced gaming-specific laptops, such as the Lenovo Windows Gaming Laptop, will not only provide the ultimate gaming experience but will also be incredibly useful for a host of other activities too – from web browsing to work.

Learn What Genre of Games Are Right for You!

If you have ever researched the top trending video games of the year, or indeed the month, it can often be confusing when it comes to learning what each game actually entails, as reviews are sometimes concerned with the playability rather than the content.

To help you decide what games to start playing as you begin your virtual journey into the world of gaming, here are the main video game genres, with a popular example of each:

  1. Action-adventure games such as ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’
  2. Sports and simulation games such as ‘Forza Motorsport’
  3. Real-time strategy games such as ‘Warcraft’
  4. Platformer games such as ‘Crash Bandicoot’
  5. Party games and puzzlers such as ‘Jackpot Party Pack’
  6. Horror and survival games such as ‘Resident Evil’
  7. Role-playing games such as ‘The Witcher 3’
  8. Shooting games such as ‘Halo’
  9. Multiplayer online arena battle games such as ‘League of Legends’
  10. Sandbox games such as ‘Minecraft

Everything You Need for Your Gaming Experience

Once you have chosen your preferred platform, invested in your video games console, gaming PC, or gaming laptop, and researched both the categories of games you would like to begin with and the first game to start, it is then time to select your accessories.

Some gaming accessories are more optional, such as a wireless mouse or wireless ergonomic keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity. In contrast, for ease of use and of course, for depth and intensity of volume and an immersive experience, most gamers would say that purchasing separate wireless or wired speakers is more of a necessity.

Other elements to consider when decorating your gaming room or area and designing your gaming desk and space include a comfortable and practical gaming chair, a monitor and display of the highest resolution possible, and a 4K webcam.

Hints & Tips for Beginner Gamers

Once you have your gaming area ready, have invested in the accessories and technologies you need to begin your gaming experience, and are excitedly prepared to start your very first game, it is then time to get playing!

Gaming is not just a hobby; it can be a stimulating, intensely challenging, and infinitely rewarding experience that can either be enjoyed solo as part of your ‘self-care’ routine or else with friends, family members, or even new gaming friends you meet in the process.

Some important tips for those of you who are newbies to the gaming realm are to play as regularly as possible, and even if you feel as if the first game you have selected is too difficult to learn, keep at it; things will click into place sooner rather than later. Additionally, be sure to engage and connect with the gaming community, be that through social media or else with real-life friends who are also enthusiastic gamers.

Last but not least, think about recording your gaming to learn how to improve your skills – this can be a highly effective way to bolster your abilities and find yourself amongst the ranks of the world’s top players in the coming years.

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