Alien fossils on Earth? Here is TRUTH


People have at all times been fascinated by the thought of extraterrestrial life. As expertise superior, we’ve taken many steps in making an attempt to know it. Advance in expertise retains offering new alternatives to take action. Now we have held many observations of Venus and Mars and shortly NASA can be sending missions to discover the Moons of Saturn and Uranus to know if life exists, or ever existed, on these celestial our bodies. Now we have additionally spent a considerable period of time observing exterior the photo voltaic system and even different galaxies simply to search out planets just like the Earth which could be capable of maintain life. Amazingly, a latest examine claims that proof of alien life would possibly effectively exist on Earth itself – within the type of alien fossils!

A study was printed within the Worldwide Journal of Astronomy titled ‘Stable grains ejected from terrestrial exoplanets as a probe of the abundance of life within the Milky Manner’ which claims one thing comparable. Its lead creator, Tomonori Totani, an astronomer on the College of Tokyo, means that there might be a superb likelihood of discovering microbial alien life on Earth which could have entered our environment as interstellar mud and now sits inside our planet’s soil.

Can alien fossils exist on Earth?

The idea, even when farfetched, just isn’t completely baseless. The reasoning behind it’s backed by science. Totani reveals that each time an enormous asteroid strikes a planet, rocks and mud are ejected from the bottom. Whereas most of it will definitely settles again, part of additionally it is launched into area. About 10 p.c of the whole ejected quantity will ultimately depart the photo voltaic system itself and journey into interstellar area.

Whereas chances are high fairly slim, there’s a chance that such tiny fragments of rocks from a planet the place life exists traverses by means of interstellar area whereas the microbial life is embedded deep inside it to guard it from any dangerous radiation. The rock might escape contamination with different mud and may ultimately enter the Earth’s environment. If that occurs, because of its small measurement, it won’t warmth up considerably and can ultimately land on Earth.


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