All About the Famous Lottery – Saturday Lotto

Most participants would agree that participating in Lotto draws is the most exciting thing and one of the many things they look forward to for their weekends. You would have come across Saturday Lotto and want to know more about the lottery and how to participate in it.

This lotto draw is held on every Saturday with a set of rules. The winners can earn exciting rewards, and so many individuals try their luck.

This post comprehensively discusses the famous lottery draw. Scroll down to learn more!

What Is Saturday Lotto?

The Lotto draw is also referred to as TattsLotto. It is a lotto draw held Australia-wide every Saturday. Several individuals refer to this lotto draw as TattsLotto in the regions listed below.

  • Victoria
  • Tasmania
  • Northern Territory

The term ‘Saturday Lotto’ is frequently used in the areas as listed below.

  • New South Wales
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Western Australia

You can find other variations of the name this lotto draw. In Queensland, it is called Gold Lotto. In South Australia, it is referred to as X Lotto.

As the name suggests, TattsLotto is played every Saturday. The host draws a total of eight numbers. Balls numbered from 1 to 45 are put in a barrel, out of which six are drawn. Next, the host draws two supplementary numbers.

To win the lowest division, 6, you need to match three main numbers. You can read the FAQs and the results of the Lotto draw on the official Lottery West government website.

How To Play?

The section below explains how to play the famous Lotto draw in four simple steps.

1.     Lotto Entry

In TattsLotto, you can choose from the various entries.

  • Standard Entry
  • Lotto Party Entry
  • System Entry
  • Syndicate Entry
  • Super Combo Entry

You can research each entry and choose the one that fits best for you.

2.     Select Your Numbers

Now, you need to choose six numbers. You have the choice to either pick them for yourself or go for the QuickPick option. In the QuickPick option, the numbers will be randomly generated for you.

You win Division 1 if all of your six numbers match.

3.     Purchase Your Ticket

The next step is to purchase the Lotto draw tickets online or through the lotteries mobile application. Ensure to enter the the Lotto draw before Saturday, 7:25 pm AEST/8:25 pm AEDT, avoiding the chances of missing out on winning millions.

4.     Check Your Numbers and Cross Your Fingers

Watch the Lotto draw to check for the results. In any case, if you miss out on the draw, you need not worry as the lottery customers receive the latest draw results in their inbox.

How To Win at The Lotto Draw?

Several experts suggest lottery players use quickies for choosing their numbers. The main reason behind it is the lottery numbers are drawn at random. Hence, if you also pick your numbers randomly, the risk of shared wins reduces upon winning the jackpot.

Humans cannot themselves pick numbers randomly, as subconsciously, you may be biased to a number. So, it is advised to use quickies to generate a random number for you.

Wrapping Up

The Famous Lotto draw gets most Australians excited. It offers various entries such as Standard Entry, Lotto Party Entry, System Entry, Syndicate Entry, and Super Combo Entry. Thus, you get varied options to participate in the lotto draw.

Do you want to participate in TattsLotto and win? Head to the official website and participate in the lotto draw.


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