Asteroid today: NASA clocks Asteroid 2023 FT2 speeding towards Earth at 43249 kmph


NASA, ESA and different area businesses keep watch over any Probably Hazardous Object which has the potential to impression the Earth’s floor and trigger harm. As many as 5 asteroids handed by Earth at very shut distances simply yesterday, in line with NASA. Though none of those asteroids collided, their shut strategy serves as a reminder to look at and observe these area rocks. NASA has tracked an asteroid heading for Earth, and it’s anticipated to make its closest strategy to the planet at the moment.

Asteroid 2023 FT2 data

The asteroid has been named Asteroid 2023 FT2 by NASA’s Heart for Close to-Earth Object Research. The identical group has additionally revealed its trajectory, distance of shut strategy and anticipated velocity. Asteroid 2023 FT2 will move Earth at the moment, March 24, at a distance of two.6 million kilometers. As per NASA, the asteroid is between 55 ft and 121 ft huge.

NASA has additionally revealed that this area rock is already speeding in the direction of the planet, travelling at a fearsome velocity of 43249 kilometers per hour. It belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids, that are a gaggle of Close to-Earth asteroids named after the humongous 1862 Apollo asteroid, found by German astronomer Karl Reinmuth within the Nineteen Thirties.

Lately, there was a rising effort to trace and examine asteroids that would probably threaten Earth. NASA’s DART take a look at was carried out as the primary planetary protection take a look at towards potential asteroid impression. NASA studied the asteroids Didymos and Dimorphos to higher perceive the potential risk of asteroid impacts and to develop strategies for deflecting them. ESA’s Hera spacecraft noticed the results of the collision and reported the findings for additional examine.

Though no asteroid is anticipated to hit the planet and trigger main disaster for at the very least subsequent 100 years, these shut approaches function a reminder of the significance of continuous to check and observe asteroids to higher perceive and put together for potential threats.


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