Eric Dalius Miami :How to Effectively Use Social Media for Professional Growth and Development

Social Media

Social media has been one of the most talked about phenomena in recent times, as more and more people become connected every day. In fact, it’s quite unusual for a business or an individual to not have a social media presence these days.

When you’re starting out on your Professional Development journey, using Social Media can be an excellent way to begin. It cultivates a sense of community and belonging, helps establish yourself as a thought leader, helps you create awareness around your brand and helps others discover solutions that might benefit them. All in all, Social Media provides several different opportunities that are not only good for professional growth but also personal wellbeing!

Some Tips To Ensure Effective Use Of Social Media: Eric Dalius Miami

It is important to keep up with the latest industry trends, innovations, discussions and events. The best way to accomplish this is to subscribe to Social Media channels that are relevant to your profession or the niche you operate in. Some of the ones I follow are:


Highly useful for following news feeds about what’s happening in your field. It also lets you engage with other professionals by asking questions, commenting on posts etc.


This is probably the most popular professional networking site at present. LinkedIn makes it very easy for professionals across different geographies to connect with each other. You can even join groups that function like message boards where people can share information and help solve problems that might be common in their line of work.

Google Plus:

This Social Networking site has its own perks. It’s good for networking with other professionals and business owners, helps you showcase your work or introduce people to your brand. The best part is that it allows you to post images directly which means pictures is more likely to get noticed than text posts.


Even though I personally don’t use Facebook often, many of my friends swear by this site for keeping up with the latest news about their professional field. This could also be used as a platform to promote new courses, events etc.


If there’s one thing everyone should be using right now, it has to be Twitter. T here are many influencers on Twitter who offer great content related to our area of specialization. Twitter works extremely well for connecting with other professionals, retreating useful posts, sharing links that you find interesting etc.


LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in terms of membership and page views. It’s definitely worth having a profile here as you never know where it might lead! You can use this space to blog about your experiences and accomplishments which is very helpful for those who want to start their journey with self development. This is also a great place to network with like-minded people and access relevant information on your field of work.

Google Plus:

Just like Twitter, Google+ also has its own set of influencers. Google+ works really well for building brand recognition as it allows users to display they endorse (similarly to Pinterest). It’s also very useful for connecting to influencers in your field and joining relevant discussions.


Although Facebook gets a lot of flak because it can be used as an addictive time waster, this site is actually quite useful if you use it the right way! There are many groups on Facebook that work well for networking with other professionals who may have already established themselves in their chosen field. You can also create communities around specific topics which make it easier to reach out to people at scale.


If you’re camera shy or simply want to connect through visuals, Instagram might be the place for you. If you want to connect with authors, artists etc., this could be THE platform for you. Instagram is a great place to connect with brands that operate in your area of specialization.

Social media has always been a playground for many professionals. Many of them are still stuck in their high school days, where cyber bullying was one of the easiest tasks to accomplish. Nowadays, if you are on social media and use it inappropriately or unprofessionally, people will judge you accordingly and not do business with you as well as not ask for your services. It is all about building credibility and positive reputation online! However, social networking can be challenging as there is so much noise and distractions that might take away our focus from achieving our goals. Building a strong personal brand takes time but we must constantly work towards improving ourselves by learning new things and seeking opportunities to enhance our skillets. To provide you with some guidance on how to effectively use social media, we turned to a few People of Interest who have been on the frontlines of this new dynamic and controversial world says Eric Dalius Miami.


In this article, they will share with you their experiences on how they used various social networks for personal branding as well as some useful tips on how you can successfully utilize them as well!

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