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Five Most Common WordPress Errors And How To Fix Them

WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system that allows you to build websites.e-commerce website design. You can easily customize any website, create an online store, or start your own business with the help of template systems and plug-in architecture. Most businesses are not able to use the plug-in architecture and template systems.Hire WordPress expertsToTheir web development problems can be solved.

This article outlines the most common mistakes in WordPress development and provides a solution.

Check Out These Top 5 WordPress Common Errors

1. The “White Screen Of Death”

White Screen of Death is one of the most obscure WordPress errors. This error makes your website appear completely blank and empty. This error is usually caused by a site not loading properly.

How to Fix: You can fix this error by disabling the faulty plugin. Sometimes, your theme is the problem. To fix this error, disable the theme and enable the WordPress debug mode. This will allow you to see the specific errors on the page. The cause of WSoD can be identified. Finally, purge your cache and increase your memory limit.

Your error will be corrected using the methods above. If you still have problems, you can contact your hosting provider support team.

2. Internal Server Error:

The server doesn’t know how to respond to a foreign issue that occurs in it. This can lead to this issue. Although there are less chances of this error happening, you cannot afford to wait. The problem must be solved.

How to fix it: The file name.htaccess describes how your site communicates with the server. The.htaccess file can be used to secure your site or to modify some default server settings. This file must be disabled. You can find it in the root directory of your site. It is very simple, you just need to change the file’s name.

After changing the name, you can resolve your server error by creating a new.htaccess file. To do this, go to the Admin dashboard > Accessing settings > Permalinks. To create a new file, click on Save Changes.

  1. 404 Not Found Error:

This error is easily recognized by anyone, technical or not. This is the most common error. This happens when the server cannot request the page. This error is caused by the.htaccess file, which manages your hyperlink structure.

How to Fix: Refreshing the page is the easiest thing to do. This means that you need to edit and update your page. Change the permalink, then re-upload the.htaccess files. It is easiest to create a new file with the name.htaccess. Be sure to spell the name correctly. Upload the file to the root directory of the site. You will get rid of the 404 error.

  1. Error Establishing a Database Connection:

This error will appear if your site cannot access the database. All content is stored in the database, including information, posts, pages and many other things. Your site will not function if you can’t access the important data.

How to fix it: This error can be fixed by going to the root folder and accessing the wpconfig.php file. Click on the right-hand side of this file to view or edit. You first need to verify the credentials. You can correct any errors in your credentials, such as username, password or hostname.

If the error persists, activate WordPress’s automatic optimization tool. This tool will repair corrupted databases and allow you to save and define the file. The script can be run in your browser. Then, you will be asked to fix and optimize your database. Finally, the issue will be solved.

  1. Connection Timed Out Error:

If the site takes too long to load, you will likely see an error message about connection time out. This error occurs when the server fails to load and then allows uploading. This error occurs when the site doesn’t have enough resources to run properly.

How to fix it: To avoid this, you should apply for a higher-tier site. Higher-tier sites will have more resources, and they won’t load as much. To avoid this, you need to optimize your site’s speed. If you suspect that your theme is the cause, you can check it.


These are the top tips to avoid making mistakes when using WordPress to build your eCommerce website. It is better to hire a trusted WordPress Development Company to create your eCommerce website.

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