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Google Play Store on Samsung Smart TV

playstore on samsung tv

On the Samsung Smart TV, if you try to download the Google Play Store and try to install it on the Samsung Smart TV, you will encounter an error such as file format not supported, It is indicating that the Google Play Store cannot be installed on Samsung TV. This is because the Samsung Smart TV does not run on the Android operating system and the Samsung Smart TV runs on the standalone Samsung operating system, which does not allow the installation of apps from the Google Play Store.

However, Samsung allows the installation of third-party applications on smart TVs. But you should not forget that it does not allow you to install Chrome browser. You can easily install and use Google play store on PC Windows. In this article, we are going to look at how to install the Google play store on Samsung smart TV. Before getting into the topic let’s look more at the Google Play Store and the Samsung Smart TV.

What is Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is something everyone knows. It is a digital distribution service developed and developed by Google. It is the official app store for certified devices running the Android operating system and its derivatives and Chrome OS.

Users use it to browse and download applications created with the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and released by Google.

It also acts as a digital media store offering music, books, movies, and TV shows. Content purchased on Google Play Movies & TV and Google Play Books can be accessed through a web browser, Android, and iOS applications. Try how to install Google pay on PC and make your digital payments on PC.

Samsung Smart TV?

Although many people look around the internet for the definition of smart TV, and different sites offer different opinions, the consensus is that smart TV has an internet connection. It runs on the operating system and is found with its own utility service. In short, TV + Internet + Applications = Smart TV.

The biggest value of the Samsung Smart TV is the ability to enjoy content beyond the regular TV channels. Enjoy your favorite VOD services on this smart TV, such as music streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Spotify. Also, it has various games and gaming content for you to enjoy as you like. This is not built by the android platform it was developed by Samsung on operating systems.

Advantages in Samsung Smart TV

In Samsung, smart TV cable and satellite broadcasting are also available.

Since there is an endless amount of content online, there is a convenient search function to select what to look for.

An excellent smart TV automatically detects any device you connect via HDMI and does so without the need to use multiple remote controls.

You can enable/disable content streaming from your set-top box.

Voice recognition is much more convenient than typing and you can use motion sensors to control your smart TV.

You can connect your smartphone to your TV to watch content on a big screen and much more advanced features are there in Samsung smart TV. Let’s look is possible to install the Google play store on Samsung smart TV?

How to install Google Play Store on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung TV does not allow you to install the Google Play store. There are many hacks for this online. But keep in mind that those hacks will not work on your Samsung Smart TV if you try to install Google play, so it is best to contact Samsung Support for further assistance or any other alternative.

Can’t install Google Play Store on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, that is true. You cannot install the Google Play Store because Samsung TV does not use the Android operating system. Conversely, apps can only be installed from the pre-built Samsung Play Store on a Samsung Smart TV and the fact that you can install Google Play movies on the Samsung Smart TV is already built into the Samsung Smart TV.

Why Google Play Store is not compatible with Samsung Smart TV?

The fact is that the Samsung Smart TV was not built with the Android operating system. It is found with Samsung operating systems like Samsung Tyson and LG WebOS.

Method Of Downloading Applications Compatible With Samsung Smart TV

You can download and use the apps you need on your smart TV by visiting the app store on your smart TV such as Samsung store, MI store, LG store and etc.

Final Words:

If you do not comply after installing the Google Play Store, you will get this error because the Samsung Smart TV does not support the Android operating system. It uses its own operating system, so it will not be compatible. Hope this guide will help to know more about Samsung TV and Google Play store. If you have any doubts please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your visit.

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