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Homes are Getting Smarter. Is Your Furniture Keeping Up


The past few years have ushered in an explosion of technological advancements within the home. From smart refrigerators to AI in your stereo, technology has begun to permeate even the most mundane aspects of our domiciles. In an age where you can adjust your thermostat from across the nation or preheat your oven on the way home, you may be left wondering what could possibly be next.

Your couch, apparently.

Furniture is the latest aspect of the home to experience advancements in technology. It may seem odd to imagine a smart chair or a tech-savvy couch, but new products are trying to hit the sweet spot between hi-tech and comfortable. Here are a few examples.

Living Room Furniture With Your Device In Mind

Ever imagined needing to plug in your couch? It’s becoming more and more common. These modern smart couches and loveseats are being designed with built-in USB charging ports integrated seamlessly into the armrests. Some feature a discrete port tucked into the material while others have tiny hidden compartments with the charging port inside. Many designers are also including a pocket sewn into the side so that you can store your phone or tablet safely while they charge. You can click here to order furniture like this with free delivery.

Table caps are quick and easy to set up, with the corners being taut and easy to stretch across your surface. That’s because every table cap is made of both backlit and stretch fabric that allows for product longevity while maintaining the design’s appearance.

If you’d rather your home furniture not look like a cylon, don’t fret. Many brands offer discreet usb ports in classic styles. You can stick with your mid-century modern motif and still get the ports you need to keep your devices running. Besides, how are you supposed to shut the smart-blinds if your phone is dead?

Maxed-Out Modular Furniture

Versatility is the new chic. Today, our phones serve as our cameras, calendars, TVs, health monitors, and more. Why should your sofa be any different?

Multi-purpose furniture isn’t exactly a new concept (the venerable futon is an example), but how it changes is becoming more advanced. Matching loveseats are coming with built-in end tables for stability and ease of use. Need a longer couch for movie night? All you need to do is disconnect the end table and click the other loveseat onto the first. Just like that, you’ve changed the whole focus of your living room from conversing to entertainment.

Desks are getting equally as flexible. Not only are they including built-in chargers, but they also feature a plethora of attachments to make gaming or working from home easier. Headset racks, retractable keyboard trays, and integrated cord organizers are just a few ways they facilitate the needs of their techie-owners.

Not to be outdone by the Sorbo table we just discussed, the PONG coffee table takes multifunctionality to the next level by concealing an entire classic game system inside. Just set the drinks aside and open the cleverly-concealed control boxes and you’ll be ready to play classic ATARI games with friends right in your living room.

IKEA, already a household name in the furniture space, is also getting in on the action by offering an end table that doubles as an air purifier. KAMARQ is making a sleek dining-room table with integrated high-definition speakers. One company even offers a pouf that can sanitize your shoes! Innovation is driving some exciting changes that are taking multifunction furniture designs to new heights.

Advancing The Bedroom

Innovation doesn’t stop in the living room. Bedroom furniture is also seeing some incredible leaps forward in technology.

One of the more common advancements is incorporating storage into the bed. People are simplifying and decluttering their bedrooms by using beds that have built-in drawers and shelving right underneath the mattress. Hey, you were tossing stuff under there already, right?

To further simplify your bedroom (and life), ThreadRobe has come up with an automated clothes manager. This ultra high-tech smart armoire will dry, identify, organize, and store your clothes in the proper bins. With the accompanying app, users can actually pick out the outfit they’d like to wear beforehand and have it delivered, freshly steamed and wrinkle free!

As populations increase and living size decreases, Hariana Tech sought to solve the problem of making the most of a small bedroom. Their answer: The Smart Ultimate Bed. This bed has internal storage, bluetooth, integrated lights and stereo, a pop-out desk, SD card slot, and the obligatory USB port. This behemoth is a massive bed, but with a built-in massager and password-protected safe, you won’t need anything else in your bedroom!

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