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How to Design an Effective Fantasy Cricket App

Fantasy Cricket App

We know the forever-increasing craze of Fantasy Cricket Apps. The madness has ruled over the mind of entrepreneurs as well to make the right investment in games and sports. No matter what the sport is, you can stick to your screens because your favorite player is right there.

Cricket Fantasy Sports App has come a long way. Keeping every small detail in mind, these apps allowed users to show their love wholeheartedly to their favorite game.

While we know the perks associated with these sports apps. However, the app itself also plays a major role in the user’s life. Of course, it’s just not the graphics or the colors, but a couple of more things to keep in mind while designing a fantasy sports app –

Accessibility For All –

Every player is different yet important and has their gaming style. But with a comprehensive design approach, your app can win it all. As far as designing is concerned, a few additional icons and the right choice of colors to understand the content is all about it. The precise language which is legible and easy to understand can make your app “go-to” for all.

User Distraction –

Since mobile phones have captured the market in comparison to desktops, we must not forget the user’s distraction as well. Incoming calls, poor connectivity, etc. are the reasons which can distract the user quite a few times. Your fantasy cricket app must allow the user about his call when it comes to deciding his further step whenever these obstacles occur while playing. And the app must not make the decisions on its own.

Drive The Data –

Since the game in Fantasy Cricket App is played over data. Therefore, it is more calculative and full of skills. Not just the data of any league or competition has to be driven, but the player’s data along with what his performance in all the possible durations has to be considered.

So, if you have jumped into this million-dollar business, make sure your app rules the heart of sports lovers. And to satiate that, analyzing the data, making your data presentable, allowing legibility for information, dashboard designing, news section, graphs and player’s profile has to be smooth and easy to understand.

Add Necessary Features –

UI and UX fantasy cricket app designers must maintain a balance when it comes to the layout and features. Adding too many options is not always a great idea. Too many functions won’t give you fruitful results and will leave your user distracted. So, why not keep only the necessary set of features which will help your app in numerous ways.

User Responsive Studies –

When you are on your way to designing a fantasy cricket app, you must follow a couple of strategies that are worth it.

A few of them include the 5-second rule which is concerned with user-responsive studies. As per the theory, you must design the app in such a way that it grabs the user’s attention in like 5-seconds. If you fail, the probability is higher than a user might switch to some other platform. When it comes to app designing, interfaces and dashboards can play a major role. So, ask your fantasy cricket app developer or company to stick and make it worth it. 

Data Structure –

Every platform has three types of structured users. The experts, the intermediate or the beginners. This means, the app design must include all three of those – one who is curious about games, the other who is interested in a series of sports and the third one who is a die-hard fan and can go beyond the extent.

Now when it comes to designing, the structured group can be in sync with data. Or saying that app development should be clear and smooth with a data-driven mechanism for all three of them.

Minimalistic Design –

As they say, less is more for your user. And it’s quite a true philosophy when it comes to app designing. Putting a lot of clutter might lose your app a user as there are high chances of users just having too much to process. So, minimalistic designing is the answer here. Just not fill your user’s screen for the sake of filling it. So you see, we suggest you ask your mobile app designer to go for minimalistic designs with heaps of data beforehand.

Feedback On User’s Action –

Objects react to your actions, right? But is it the same in the hypothetical world as well? Yes! In short, the user expects the app or the UI elements for that matter to help him with the feedback. In case there’s no feedback, how would the user know if it was a miss-click or a frozen click.

Pop-Up Windows –

Pop-ups are a great way to communicate additional information. But these two have to be won over with the right approach.

Testing Phase –

Thoughtfully designed perfectly? But there might be a few invisible perfections at the user’s end. How about checking it for once and all? The testing can be more productive if you’ll ask a couple of people around you to give a fresh perspective and help your app chuck out the unseen, unwanted flaws.


A perfect and great design is all about balance. The balance between interface, experience and functions is all that your app needs and your designer must focus on. There are high chances of getting your first design attempt to fail and it’s normal. But what you must keep in mind is that your app is an evolution that keeps on getting better with refining process, up-gradation and improvement. To sum it up –

  • Help your user explore and hit
  • No unnecessary distractions to get the user’s attention
  • A pretty simple and clear interfaces
  • Accessible UI for all
  • Feedback to make it better
  • Test, improve, repeat

Fantasy sports app designing is a challenge and maintaining or improving the existing one is no less than that. But with the right approach and experts, you’ll make it!

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