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How To Protect Kids From Drugs By Using Theonespy Phone Tracker?

Young kids demand more freedom from their parents these days. Therefore, they don’t let parents interfere in the activities with peers at school and in surrounding neighborhoods. Young teens and tweens are becoming drug addicts. Young teens that have recently started taking drugs are at greater risk of becoming drug addicts.

Therefore, it is necessary for parents these days to know the difference between drug abuse and addiction. Young teenagers these days are trying drugs, but addiction comes into their personality if they take drugs frequently.

Teenage drug abuse causes cognitive and behavioral issues at the end of the day because the brain is in development.

Parents have to protect kids from drug abuse by using the cell phone tracker app. Yeah! I know it sounds funny, but it is one of the proven ways we are discussing in front of you. Technology keeps parents updated, and cell phone tracking apps give parents a tactical advantage.

If they plan to take drugs with peers on mobile conversations, calls, messages, and social media apps conversations, you can monitor them. Before we go into the details, you need to know about the stats given below.

Stats & Trends of teenage drug abuse

Every year, NIDA-sponsored researchers from the University of Michigan survey students in 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th grades. They used to observe the behavior and attitudes of the students because of drug abuse.

The survey has come up with few results which show that (According to Monitoring the Future MTF 2020) survey:

In the year 2017 up to 2020, kids and teens that have used nicotine belong to 8th graders (7.5% to 16.5%), and 12 graders have used nicotine (15.8% to 30.7%). It means every year young teens are increasing the level of nicotine following their grades. They also take marijuana, Ice, and many other drugs, like alcohol with the peers.

You can see the stats, and you can imagine how young kids from grade 8th to grade 12th increasing the level of nicotine and other drugs. Seemingly, your kids could become drug abuse because of smoking, taking marijuana, and alcohol. You can use mobile tracker on their digital phones to keep an eye on what they are talking about drugs with friends on live calls, text messages, and sharing with peers on social media.

How Teenagers Start Experimenting with Drugs?

Half of the teenagers, I know are new drug abusers, and they start experimenting with the drugs because of friends before the age of 18. The young age, is a stage where everyone wants to explore everything one way or the other. Therefore, parents should understand why kids start experimenting with the drugs:

  • Curiosity among teens
  • Peer pressure
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Parent’s irrational behavior

These are the common reason that forces kids and teens to experiment with the drugs and half of the teens become addicted to it one way or the other.

Top signs that Teen is Drug Addict

There are the following signs that tell that your child has become a drug addict and if you are not sure, yet you can track messages, chat, phone calls, and social media activities. you can take a look at the following signs of teens drug addiction.

  • Lack with good grades at school
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Crazy laughers
  • No interest in physical activities
  • Behavior issues
  • Don’t do eye contact
  • No interest in family occasions
  • Sneaky behavior
  • Look always tired and sleepy

If your kids show sneaky behavior, then why you being parents don’t turn sneaky. You can track and monitor every discussion they make with peers on phone, surroundings, and when they are busy on cellphone devices. Parents can use mobile tracker app and get to know about what they are talking about with friends all day long using cellphones to the fullest

Use Cellphone Tracking App to Protect Kids from Drug Abuse

Worried parents that want to know about the drug abuse activity of their teens need to use phone tracker on digital phones. We all share our dark secrets with our friends, and the same is the case with kids. Everyone has their crime partners, and you need to keep an eye on kid’s chats, voice chats, social media, and the hidden whereabouts of the kids. Cell phone tracker would tell you everything in real –time and with the schedule.

You need to visit the webpage of TheOneSpy mobile tracker and further get the subscription. Moreover, check your email and receive credentials via email.  You need to get physical access to your drug abuse teen’s phone and start the installation process. You need to access the secure online dashboard and activate the features given below.

Phone Tracker Software Features to Keep an Eye on Drug Abuse Teens

Here are the features that I am sure work well on a teen’s cellphone and let you know about your kid’s drug abuse. However, you can use some features to protect them from drug abuse.

Call recording

Users can listen to the phone calls and get to know what teens are talking about and what they planned about taking drugs with the friends.  The secret call recorder feature can record and listen to the calls and send the data on the dashboard.

Read messages

Parents can monitor and read text messages sent and received on cellphone devices using text message tracking. It enables parents to know what they are chatting about on messages.


Parents can capture screenshots on cellphone screens and get snaps of every activity, chat, media shared on social media apps and websites.

Screen recorder

Users can record the screen of a cellphone in real-time using a live screen recorder. It unveils everything on phone screens and parents can catch kids if they are talking about alcohol, marijuana, and binge drinking activities.


Cell phone tracker is one of the best products of TheOneSpy kids monitoring software. It enables parents to protect kids from drug abuse to the fullest. Parents can track hidden whereabouts and location history and pinpoint the location of kids using drugs with peers.

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