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Importance Of Facebook Page Reviews & How To Embed On Website

Facebook Page Reviews


Facebook Business Reviews are a form of customer feedback shared by the customers or buyers on the Facebook Business Page to share their experience and opinions.

Facebook reviews are great tools for businesses to build authority and a good social media presence to display to potential customers.

Facebook reviews can be in text, star ratings, and recommendations shared by customers on the Facebook Page.

Businesses that have Facebook Business Page receive great responses from their customers as it is easier and effective to place their reviews than through feedback forms, etc. Also, customers find Facebook reviews more transparent and genuine as businesses cannot modify reviews placed by their customers, and it displays to the public. Thus, Facebook reviews are more transparent and hold more power than other types of reviews.

With the advanced tools and applications, you can embed Facebook reviews on your website to offer the same transparency and boost your business with many audiences.

You can embed these powerful Facebook Reviews on your website and leverage the potential of Facebook Reviews through your website.

This blog will brief you about the importance of Facebook reviews for your business and the benefits of embedding them on your website.

Let’s get started with,

Importance Of Facebook Reviews To Business

Facebook reviews are a game-changer for many businesses, and why not when it connects your potential customers with authentic customer reviews and ratings about your business.

Facebook reviews boost the authority of your business through customer reviews and ratings that are displayed on their Facebook Business Page. Customer reviews showcase the quality of your business products and services through the real experience of customers.

Facebook reviews help your potential prospects learn about your business through the customer’s voice, giving them a better idea of the products and services you are providing to your customers.

Facebook is the largest social media platform, with more than half of the global population. Thus when people talk about your business, it turns out to be more authentic and trustworthy than reading the simple testimonials on your website.

Having your business on Facebook is a must in the current online marketing scenario, and building a robust business presence with your business.

4 Benefits Of Embedding Facebook Reviews On Website

#1 Boost Website Authority & Trustworthiness

Facebook reviews display genuine customer feedback in the form of reviews and ratings. By embedding these Facebook reviews and ratings, boost the authority of your business by earning the trust of the prospective audiences as people do not rely on the branded content as everyone is saying the same thing. Thus, displaying authentic customer Facebook reviews builds website authority and credibility among your prospective customers.

#2 Enhance Website Appearance

The creative display of Facebook reviews enhances our website’s looks with a designful and diverse content display on your website. You can create an amazing display of Facebook reviews using the Facebook review widget that provides you with various features and functionalities.

#3 Display Informative & Interactive Content

Embedding Facebook reviews enhances the content quality of your website with more informative, realistic, and authentic content. You can make dynamic website content by integrating Facebook reviews and ratings that keep your audience engrossed.

Customer reviews add more information to your website content and help your visitors to receive a much better understanding of your product & services on your website.

#4 Increase Conversion Rate

You can trigger customer’s actions with interactive and action-deriving Facebook reviews through the social proof factor using social media aggregator tools. Facebook reviews influence your customers with others’ experiences and entice them to make purchase decisions based on the customer reviews and ratings from Facebook Business Page.

How To Embed Facebook Business Reviews On Website

Displaying Facebook reviews can be a powerful tool to market your business and make optimal use of your customer’s feedback by appreciating their valuable reviews showcasing on your website.

But how will display customer reviews on your website is the major task. So if you like to embed customer reviews on your website, you can do so by using any of these two methods mentioned below:

Method 1: Use Embed Feature Of Facebook

You can use Facebook’s Embed Code feature to integrate Facebook Reviews into your website. It is easy, cost-effective, and does not require any technical expertise. But the only drawback is you can only place one Facebook review at a time.

Method 2: Facebook Review Widget Tool

You can use the Facebook review widget to aggregate, design, and display multiple Facebook Reviews on your website. You can find several Facebook widgets on the internet like Tagembed, Taggbox, etc. You can use any of these Facebook review widgets and embed Facebook reviews on your business website.

Wrapping Up!

Undoubtedly, Facebook reviews are powerful and dynamic to empower your marketing efforts and boost your business through the website.

Hence, leverage Facebook reviews by embedding them on your website to retrieve such exceptional results.

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