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It’s Essential To Add Intelligence And Automation To The Cybersecurity Domain Today

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Today, many organizations become a victim of cyberattacks even when they spend a lot on cybersecurity measures. And even after enhancing the cyber-defense mechanisms, it is essential to know what the requirement for improving the risk posture is?

Today, the absence of security intelligence and automation has slowed the scaling of cybersecurity tactics and their capacity to stay secured from new threats. For instance, one of the essential first step is to opt-in for a cybersecurity management plan. And classifying data and recognizing the assets can take weeks or even months when you get it done manually.

In today’s constantly changing online landscape, it is essential to stay at pace with the threats that are continuously modified due to many factors. And you need to know that there is a lot at stake than the data. Several companies are vulnerable to attacks on available technology and the cloud for their business disruption. Also, data integrity attacks can have a wider impact than any attacks on data accessibility and confidentiality. And finally, cybercriminals are making the most of updated and complex techniques, which can’t get detected most of the time. To know more about this, you can check out

Amazon And Its Cybersecurity Issue

Amazon, an e-commerce giant, witnessed a fraud attack sometime back. Here the cybercriminals had siphoned the funds from the merchant accounts for more than 6 months last year. Amazon shared that an anonymous hacker had broken into the accounts of 100 sellers and had siphoned the cash into their accounts. And the amount that got stolen is still unclear.

Amazon’s legal team informed that; hackers had changed all the account details at the Seller Central platform to what they considered their own. There were certain phishing techniques that hackers used for compromising the accounts and gathered all the sensitive data. The investigation was on, and Amazon requested the London judiciary for the sanction to search for the hacker accounts.

The Cyber Threats That Can Hurt Organizations

Increasing online trends have made companies vulnerable to data breaches. The cyberattacks aren’t only becoming more frequent, but they are getting more advanced and sophisticated, which is challenging to recognize and resolve. And that places a challenge for the organizations.

So, is there any scope to defend an online company when it witnessed an advanced cyber threat? Hence, everything boils down to this point – With advanced cyberattacks for instance, cybersecurity automation, ransomware it is essential to bring in security intelligence.

And a few generators of security automation include the following:

  • The security tech explosion and the absence of skilled workers There are multiple security technologies and insufficient talent pools and skilled workers who understand how to prevent an attack.
  • Expanded attack surface – Today, with the emergence of the cloud and dependence on third-party service providers, overall threat exposure has gone up a lot, and it can’t get managed through the old processes.
  • Absence of standardization – Most of the security implementation fails to provide outcomes as they depend mostly on who’s executing them. Hence, there is a requirement for standardization.

Why Is There A Need For Security Intelligence And Automation?

Today, automation gets noticed as a huge section of the revolutionizing industry. The adoption of the ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) and bot technology resulted in an online transformation. The experts are advising cybersecurity automation to enhance the security framework.

Cybersecurity intelligence and automation offer an improved and structured way for recognizing, protecting, and detecting and also helps to recover and respond from security threats while minimizing human dependency.

That is not all. There have been many studies that assess the way cybersecurity automation tools impact data breach costs. Organizations can attain cybersecurity automation by making the most of advanced technologies like ML and AI. For instance, anti-malware solutions are a kind of ML that gets used for cybersecurity defense. The intelligent and automated MDR (managed detection and response) and SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) can assist in detecting and responding to cyberattacks, for instance, ransomware in real-time. The risk-based and context authentication processes enable minimizing the possibility of unauthenticated access to the system.

A few of the vital segments of the security intelligence and automation which can enhance the ROI while improving the security posture comprise of the following:

  • Threat sharing and security intelligence.
  • Security orchestration, automation, and response.
  • Enterprise governance compliance and risk.
  • User-behavior analysis and cyber analytics.
  • Data-loss protection and prevention.
  • Access management and the RPA for the next-generation identity management.
  • Automated policy management.
  • Continuous compliance monitoring and cloud security.
  • Perimeter defense and network security.

Why Are Most People Lagging On Cybersecurity Automation?

Some of the main inhibitors of automation comprise of the following:

  • Dependence on data ML is a data-intensive process as decisions are made on the data instead of algorithms, and it takes ample time.
  • Costly implementation – The ML-based applications have a cost premium and the talent required to optimize and operate them.
  • Absence of integration – There could be an unwillingness to assist integration along with the absence of integration with point-based security against any solution.

Also, the absence of technology standardization and the skilled workforce is the highest challenges companies might encounter as they consider cybersecurity automation. The companies must map their online assets to required security management and the plans for integration along with the automation processes. And for this, you need to consider factors like:

  • Develop a data risk management program to view all the online assets, cybersecurity procedures, and tools.
  • Development of standards that can leverage automation for implementing security control.
  • Outlining KRIs and KPIs to elaborate the security value automation and ROI.
  • The security investment which follows an integration framework and the automation by its design.

Hence, today it is essential to increase the need for security intelligence and automation to a board level. It is also important to attain executive assistance and have active business stakeholder participation for this entire effort.

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