Noise Monitoring – The Importance It Holds In Workplace And The Types of Tools Used

Noise Monitoring

Measuring the present noise levels and then focusing on workers’ noise exposure is a critical segment of a workplace. It works hand in hand with the hearing conversation and even the noise control programs. Proficient noise monitoring will help you to identify work locations where they might be some noise problems. 

Employees who are exposed to noise levels on a higher ground can suffer from hearing loss. During such instances, additional noise measurements are mandatory to address. Such info will further help in determining the right noise control to be placed in a workplace.

Ways To Measure Workplace Noise:

For some occupational-based hygiene purposes, it is vital to measure the sound pressure level to determine the noise exposure.  

  • There are multiple types of techniques and instruments used for the same purpose.
  • Now the choice of tools depends on the noise of your workplace and the needful information to go with it.
  • But, before selecting the right tool, it is important to determine if there actually is any noise issue in your workplace.

Steps To Identify Noise Problems:

Always be sure of the steps to determine if your workplace has any noise to it or not. You are asked to go for a walk-through survey for the same. However, while dealing with noise monitoring, there are some indicators you need to focus on. These indicators talk about the hazardous noise levels in your workplace. So, let’s learn about those points first.

  • Employees might hear that humming or ringing noise whenever they are leaving the workplace.
  • After working for few hours at the given place, employees might find it difficult to communicate at any party or crowded scenario, mainly where there are other voices present.
  • After ending the daily work shift, people might have to increase the volume of TV or radio to a certain level, which is way too high for others.
  • Employees from a noise-centric workplace might have to raise their voice to communicate with others at just 3 feet away!
  • The noise inside the workplace seems a lot louder than any busy city traffic!

For assessing the potential issue related to noise in the workplace, you might want to target the noise measurement data from studies within the same situations. It is very helpful to check out the data for better understanding.

Types of Instruments Used:

There are various instruments used lately for covering workplace-based noise pollution meters. Among the lot, Sound Level Meter is the one to consider. Other major tools for the same purpose will be Noise Dosimeter and Integrating Sound Level Meter or ISLM.

  • It is always vital for you to understand the present calibration, reading, and operation of the instrument before you start using the same.
  • You have the Dosimeter, which is used for presenting accurate results for personal noise exposures. Companies will let workers wear this machine for better results.
  • In case the worker moves a lot, it might get a bit difficult to determine the personal exposure. But, this issue can be kept at bay by dividing the work into defined activities. For that, ISLM is the tool for you.
  • Whenever the noise levels vary, it becomes tough to determine average exposure. However, you can use SLM when the work can get divided into various activities, and noise levels remain stable during those times.
  • Some people can further take the help of the Impulse SLM for measuring the peak of every impulse.

Learning about the tools in detail before starting to use them is crucial. However, it is important to know more about the companies, which are manufacturing those tools and investing in one with long-lasting durability.

The Time To Use The Windshield:

Whenever the air blows by the microphone, it can alter the noise reading. For avoiding such effects of the wind, you can take the help of the windshield or the windscreen for covering the microphone in some areas with significant air movements. You can purchase these windscreens and shields from manufacturers working on sound-level meters.

Proper Noise Measurement Is Mandatory:

For improving work culture and to take care of your employees, proper noise measurement and monitoring are important. For that, using scientifically proven tools is the best call to address. Get along with options now and get much-needed help always.

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