The Diverse Types of Lanyards Available In The Market


These days where everyone is busy with their hectic and stressful life. People tend to forget and misplace important stuff like keys, ID cards, display badges, and more.

Lanyards, also known as cardholders, are strings or straps that are used around the neck to hold and display identity cards. In recent years, they have become increasingly popular as a result of growing security concerns nationwide. They are used in schools, businesses, government agencies, etc.

Types of Lanyards

There are various types of lanyards available namely

Beaded Lanyards

Beaded lanyard cords are mainly used to hold identification cards. These types of lanyards are very decorative and are therefore often considered jewelry. There is a wide range of beaded necklaces that vary in length, color, and material. They are very popular among women.

The lanyard ID holders are often used by teachers, nurses, and businesswomen. They are also used in manufacturing industries where the metal cannot be worn. Different types of beads are used in the production of these necklaces – from glass beads to pearls and crystal beads. The costs vary depending on the material used.

Woven c

Woven lanyards are known for their durability. The range of woven tapes is remarkable. If one of them has a flat braided string with an O-ring seal, the other one consists of a string that cannot be separated with a bulldog clip.

These are suitable for the workplace because of the precision with which the braided collars are made. They are durable and do not fade over time. They are perfect from a security point of view and are ideal for schools and companies where metal-free ID cards holders are required. They give a professional touch to employees of any company and therefore have a good impact on viewers. 

Breakaway and Non-Breakaway

These kinds of lanyard designs are generally made of an adjustable plastic cable. Safety cords that do not break are rigid and generally inelastic.

On the other hand, the separation cords are very elastic. In the case of the separation style, the two pieces of rope can be easily separated when force is applied. This is a safety device for situations where the cord may get caught in something. These kinds of lanyards are recommended for sports. 

Customized Lanyards

A great way to promote your brand is to do lanyard printing by printing your brand or logo on your lanyard. Customized straps are usually made of flat cotton, nylon, and polyester. The Custom Key Lanyard can be made to suit specific needs. 


Several advantages that lanyards serve to people on a daily basis. Some of them are:

Organizations use this for identification because it is visible. It is hard to miss especially if it has a very catchy design and color. Most organizations use their logo and embellish their name on the lanyard in a vibrant print, making it distinct and exclusive for the employees alone. If an outsider visits the organization, security will easily identify them.

These are very durable. Many purchase their very own lanyard because they can use them in different events for a long time. They can also use it for various purposes. Lanyards are made of different types of materials with various widths and strength levels. They can pick the design that they feel will address their need.

It is easy to use. Even youngsters know how to use it. You do not need to find a firm portion of your clothes to clip it. You do not have to worry about damaging its fabric as well since you do not have a pin to force into it. Wear it around your neck, and you are good to go.

It is inexpensive. Many use this in conventions and seminars because they can buy this in bulk and avail of discounts. These can be used by big as well as small organizations. It is an appropriate choice for individuals and enterprises and it represents them.


Selecting a perfect custom key lanyard is very important. As you are likely paying a good sum of money for the lanyards you want, so make sure you get what you want. This not only includes the actual product but the service, support, and guarantees that go along with a good business partner.

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