The PlayStation Portal at least makes stick drift easier to repair


With stick drift plaguing so many controllers lately, it’s good to see Sony making defective thumbsticks a bit simpler to restore on the PlayStation Portal. In a teardown video posted by iFixit, the group finds that solely somewhat tinkering is required to entry and take away the joysticks.

The iFixit group first removes the gadget’s plastic body and pries off its backing. It then takes off the panel containing the Portal’s D-pad and button controls, permitting iFixit to disassemble the thumbsticks in about three steps utilizing only a screwdriver. The one draw back is that if you could exchange the Portal’s rumble packs, you’ll must take out your soldering iron as a result of they’re connected to the motherboard.

However nonetheless, that’s already extra repairable than different first-party controllers on the market, together with Sony’s personal DualSense controllers. As identified by iFixit, the thumbsticks on the DualSense controller are soldered to the gadget’s motherboard, making them far tougher to exchange. The thumbstick restore course of additionally seems much less concerned than what’s required for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and the Steam Deck.

Sony simply launched the PlayStation Portal a few weeks in the past, which serves as a $199.99 answer to streaming PS5 video games on a handheld. Regardless that the Portal seems to be simply an elongated model of the DualSense with a display caught within the center, it’s good that Sony didn’t carry over a number of the controller’s harder-to-repair internals.


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