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The Top Alarm Apps That You Won’t Snooze Off!

Top Alarm Apps

Are you someone, who always shuts down their alarm clock?

Well not to worry anymore because we have collected a list of top alarm apps that you won’t be able to snooze off!

Utilize any one of the terrific AT&T bundle deals and enjoy these fun apps every morning. Whether you download any one of them or all the alarm apps mentioned below, the idea is to add something unique to every morning of yours!

Sleep Cycle

If you are looking for an app, which helps to track your daily sleep cycle and determine the quality of your resting period, then you should definitely download this app, Sleep Cycle. This is an alarm app, which needs to be placed near a user’s bed so that the user’s sleep behavior and movement in an unconscious state can be understood.

Once, the app picks up the different variables, it knows the sleeper even in their lightest sleep phase. The goal is to utilize this essential info when it is time to wake up so that factors such as grogginess are minimized and the user is relaxed and well-rested in general.

Nonetheless, other app features such as personalizing wake windows, notes on rest and sleep, and detailed stats also aim to facilitate the user with the knowledge that could affect their sleep quality and overall duration.


The alarm clock feature is one of the basic utilities that’s usually found in every cell phone, even before the smart versions came out. Nonetheless, people today download alarm clock apps, for they come with plenty of additional features, which are normally not available in every built-in mobile phone clock.

Although these are no less impressive, they still lack many options. However, one app that’s highly recommended for users to download is AMdroid. Not only does this app consists of some fantastic features that one doesn’t find in every alarm clock app but it is totally free! For instance, users can set daily challenges for promptly waking up.

They also have the option to set and personalize various alarm profiles, while opting for automatic disable options for alarms that are set as reminders for important events and public holidays. But this isn’t the best part! It’s the ‘location awareness’ feature that makes this app shine bright! What’s more, the alarm wouldn’t sound, if it isn’t triggered and users do have to worry about rogue alarms going on at the wrong place or the wrong time.

Early Bird Alarm Clock

The app is exactly as the name suggests. Just like an early bird has many songs to sing, this app is a lovely rendition of that. It allows the users to select more than one tone for their alarm clock, so you wake up to a mix of sounds each morning.

Basically, the user sets a primary tone, which goes off before the user taps snooze on their phone. Then the app randomly selects a different sound to wake up the user. This app is ideal for someone, who continues to snooze their alarm clocks.

What’s more, the app also keeps an accurate track of every alarm the user turns off, the duration that it went on before being turned off, and the number of times the snooze button was tapped to turn off the app.

Hence, besides the various alarm features, the app, in general, ensures that users are shaking up a bit, so they wake up on time every morning. But this is not the only place where the Early Bird stands out as an app. Bonus features on the app include an area weather display and an egg-based timer, which make this app a must-have!

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Users who always want to personalize their apps the way they like will definitely fall in love with this app. Although Alarm Clock Xtreme is only available for Android mobile phones this is a great app to have around!

There are several options for just switching off this alarm app. Whether a user taps off the alarm, shakes their cellphone to snooze their alarm, solves a puzzle, or taps to close another app, which is launched when you shut down the alarm, this alarm app is usually successful in waking up the user!

While users have the option to change alert tones for each alarm clock and reminder, they can also modify how much space the app takes up on the screen when the app fires up. In addition to the alarm clock features, the app comes with some extra scheduling tools that help users with the planning of their daily tasks.

All one needs to do is liaise this app with the phone calendar, so that all upcoming events are automatically synchronized. Moreover, users can easily set reminders for all future or upcoming tasks. The app comes with both free and premium versions, so users can opt as per their convenience. Simply download Alarm Clock Extreme and enjoy this fantastic app!

Loud Alarm Clock

Are you worried about waking up late again? Well, no need to worry about this app, ‘The Loud Alarm Clock’ is a fix to your problems.

Just like its name, the app consists of absurdly high-pitched alarm tones that are bound to wake up the entire street on the block! The app ensures that the user does not sleep through, again!

Since most of the alarm sound files are a mix of blaring tones and piercing rings, it takes a while to get used to the app. A word of advice: use it in certain instances only, so that it stays effective for that specific period.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned alarm clock apps are meant to make mornings better. Although the built-in alarm feature, found in most smartphones is highly useful, it can often be considered bland and may not appeal to everyone.

Luckily, app stores are filled with plenty of high-quality alarm clock apps, which have many fun features such as providing suggestions on meditation or improving sleep quality.

Since most of these apps require consistent internet service, utilize the splendid AT&T Home Internet and make the best use of these alarm apps!

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