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Things You Should Know Before Importing Coffee From Brazil


Several countries export coffee. Few names of the countries are Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia. But why do consumers prefer the coffee of Brazil the most? Brazil is the largest country to export coffee in the world. According to the last report, Brazil has exported around twenty-seven lakh metric tons. As it is the largest exporter thus the coffee reaches different pockets of the world. Besides the huge quantity, the coffee of Brazil is praised for its coffee as well. Before you import coffee from Brazil you should consider the following. 

Places That Are Famous For Coffee In Brazil

Although coffee is produced in many places and farms in Brazil, some renowned places are famous for the flavour of the coffee. To grow a healthy coffee farm and bloom the flavours of the coffee, few location factors are important. The components of the soil play a huge role in determining the flavours of the coffee. Fertile soil gives high-quality coffee beans. The temperature and elevation of land fuel the coffee plants to grow healthy. The growing regions that are known for the flavours of coffee in Brazil are:

  • Minas Gerais: Fifty per cent of the net coffee production is grown in the state of Minas Gerais. It produces Brazil’s Arabica coffee. The harvest season is from October to March. The processing format is washed or natural.  Matas de Minas, Chapada de Minas, Cerrado de Minas, Sul de Minas are the location in the state that produces coffee. They are known for their highland farms. 
  • São Paulo: The state has a port that is Brazil’s largest exporter. October to March is the average harvest season. The processing format is washed or natural. Mogiana and Centro-Oeste de São Paulo grow coffees in the state. These places are hilly and highland areas with a mild temperature. The coffees from this state have a mild flavour and low acidity.
  • Espírito Santo: The state produces the largest number of Robusto beans. The processing is natural. The harvest time is from October to March. The area is highland with mild temperature. The coffee profile is fruit flavoured.
  • Bahia: The state is the new addition to Brazil’s coffee production. Seventy-five per cent of the production is Arabica beans. The natural processing is done in the place.

Before Choosing The Importers What You should do?  

Choosing an importer you should consider the below suggestions. If you are planning to open a cafe and thinking of adding Brazilian coffee to your menu then you should read the following.

Storage: You should enquire the importers regarding the storage facility. The storage affects the condition of coffee. The transportation through which you will receive the coffee should be reviewed. Correct temperature to store the coffee is vital.

Sample: Before ordering a bulk, you should ask for a sample of coffee from the importer. Once you get knowledge about the flavour and condition of the coffee, you can make a decision.

Availability: Ask your importer whether he can export the coffee when you needed. Depending on the season and demand of the market, the availability of coffee fluctuates.

Variety: There are different kinds of coffee. Make sure you get the right kind of coffee that you want. The delivery of the product should be exactly the same coffee that you wanted.

Adulteration: The quality of the coffee is essential to please the customers. Thus make sure that the coffee that you receive is not adulterated.

Authentication: Many imposters claim themselves to be an exporter of Brazilian coffee. Ask in your community and find out the trusted exporters.


Brazilian coffee has a lot of demand in the market. Brazil keeps the promise of exporting it to many countries. Some countries cultivate their own coffee. But consumers also want to taste a coffee with a different flavour. The coffee can be dark roasted and it is appropriate for espresso. Freshness is boasted in the body by taking a single sip. While opting for importing the coffee, make sure you verify the authentication of the exporter.

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