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Tips to choose paving pedestals and their advantages

paving over membrane

The use of pedestal support is becoming increasingly popular because it raises the pavers or the tiles off the surface, ensuring benefits for the long term. A void is created between the membrane and the paving to allow air circulation consistently. It helps extend the life of waterproofing and reduces costs. Hence, architects recommend paving over membrane solutions such as paving or screw jack pedestals. Due to the recent popularity and trend of the pedestals, it has become mandatory to use them in the balconies of New Zealand. As per reports, screw jack pedestals might become mandatory in Australia if the trend and popularity continue. So, if you are still new to such pedestals and are hesitant to purchase them, you can read further and learn about the advantages and tips for choosing them.

Advantages of paving or screw jack pedestals

To have a long-lasting performance, it is essential that contractors and homeowners consider choosing the screw jack pedestals. You can read on and learn about the advantages.

  1. It can be easily installed: One of the most significant advantages of choosing the pedestal systems is that they can be installed swiftly and effortlessly over the waterproofed layers and decks. In a nutshell, you don’t require extra effort to install it. Plus, they will feel like concrete after installation and won’t move at all. Hence, you must install them properly. Well, poor installation can create problems shortly. In case of any repairs, you will be provided access to the underlying layers allowing you to remove them with ease. You can ensure that they provide drainage and excellent protection for the waterproofing membrane.
  2. The remedial cost is low: Architects find the screw jack pedestals highly appealing because of the low remedial costs. Suppose you have already installed the pedestals and something is wrong with the tiles. In that case, the architects won’t have to put much effort into replacing them entirely, making it easy for you to handle the maintenance challenges. For instance, there is no need to remove the entire surface to locate the problem in case of a leak, like the traditional laying methods. With the help of screw jack pedestals, repairing the tiles that require redoing is effortless, and the cost of repair is reduced massively.
  3. It prevents water damage and helps reduce energy: Using the paver pedestal systems ensures that the water entrapment is averted. Thus, deterioration of the membranes and damages to the paver is avoided. The elevation of air circulation and pavers allow the heat conductivity to be reduced. For this reason, the thermal insulation efficiency is effectively maintained, and the membrane halts the expansion process.

Tips for choosing paving or screw jack pedestals

Architects advise paving over membrane solutions such as paving or screw jack pedestals because they are used as adjustable beam support or decking pedestals. The height is easily adjustable up to 1021 mm. Some of the applications include pool surrounds, roof gardens, under solar panels, raised technical floors, and podium landscapes. But you must know how to choose the paving for your project. So, read further and gain some tips.

  1. Evaluate the purpose of your project: Assessing the purpose of your project is the first and foremost thing to do before picking the pedestal systems. For instance, you might be overhauling your garden path or driveway or re-laying the existing deck. Whatever the case might be, you must select pedestals according to your taste and ensure that it coordinates well with the colour palette and design.
  2. Consider the style of your home: You can get inspired by some online websites and find the appropriate one for your style. You must make sure that you consider the style of your home before making a decision.
  3. Evaluate your budget: If you pick cheap products, you might have to bear the expenses in the future. Hence, you must consider the costs of the pedestal systems in the long term. Thus, you must evaluate your budget and choose accordingly. But make sure you consider the initial costs of installation as well.

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