Top 5 Preschool Franchise in Bangalore

Education plays an essential part in shaping and nurturing children, helping them to form their future and flourish as individuals. That is why educational franchises have become popular business ventures.

Bangalore’s rapidly developing economy provides the ideal conditions for preschool franchise businesses, including a diverse demographic and many families that prioritize education.

In the list that follows we have done all the work for you. We have sorted 5 best preschool franchises available in the market based on ease of set up, post sales support, profitability, features, curriculum etc.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare

Preschool franchise businesses offer an excellent entry point into the education industry. Preschool franchise businesses have seen rapid expansion across India and now provide services such as childcare, after school activities and tablet-aided education to children of all ages. Many also provide competitive franchise opportunities.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare offers a unique preschool franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to make an impactful difference in the lives of young children. Their school is designed as a home away from home for their pupils, using modern teaching methods alongside their understanding of child development for an innovative educational experience. Furthermore, they provide their franchise partners with admission guarantees as well as an attractive IRR of 33%+ with an option to sell back the franchise at any point during its ownership.

Footprints’ Highscope Curriculum was specifically created to excite curiosity among children and mold them into lifelong learners. Not only is this program effective at teaching essential concepts, it also encourages active participation from pupils as they build problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, Footprints offers support in sales and marketing to their franchise partners in order to attract potential students quickly while growing their businesses quickly. They even assist edupreneurs with finding property and setting up schools which can often prove to be daunting tasks!

Little Millenium Preschool

Little Millenium Preschool franchises present entrepreneurs with an interest in education the opportunity to help children realize their full potential. This franchise boasts an effective business model and support services to ensure success in childcare and preschool education, and training opportunities to equip you and your staff with all of the skills required for providing top-quality educational and childcare services.

Franchises provide many advantages, from brand recognition and quality service provision to training, operational guidance and marketing support services. Furthermore, franchisees gain access to an invaluable network of support for peer mentoring.

One of the most promising franchise industries for entrepreneurs to venture into is child care and early learning, given India’s focus on prioritizing these fields. Individuals passionate about education can leverage this trend by opening daycare or preschool franchises; it is however essential to fully assess all associated risks before making a final decision.

An effective preschool franchise must possess a comprehensive business plan, experienced management team and ideal location. Furthermore, investing in high-quality educational systems that equip children to succeed will give their education a boost and foster an environment conducive to learning as well as providing supportive and caring cultures will create a prosperous preschool franchise that serves its community and creates bright futures for India’s next generation. By following these guidelines you can open a successful preschool franchise that serves the community while building bright futures for Indian’s young people.


Education can be an extremely lucrative field for business owners. By employing your skills effectively, you can make a profound impactful change in children’s lives. If you’re in Bangalore looking for franchise opportunities in this sector, Eurokids could be your answer – their teaching methods and technology-integrated curriculum promote creativity and critical thinking while nurturing children from birth onwards.

Home Buddy App, available on iOS and Android devices, enables parents to keep an eye on their child’s progress while supporting two-way communication between teachers and parents. Already available at 690 locations throughout India, Home Buddy plans on opening another 1400 preschool outlets by 2024.

Eurokids provides high-quality education while also specializing in teacher training and book publishing. As one of the premier preschool brands in India, it has received numerous awards for its educational programs. Eurokids is built upon a foundation built from years of belief that early years are essential in shaping children’s futures – its goal being helping young learners develop positive attitudes toward learning that provide a firm foundation for future endeavors.

Anyone interested in starting their own Eurokids preschool must possess both entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to education, with an investment between 12-15 lakhs for start up costs, including cost of location and initial investments. Franchisees must also attend an intensive training program and possess at least 1500 square feet of space at the location they choose for their business; additionally they should understand local laws and regulations related to child care provision.

Bachpan Play School

The Bachpan Play School is one of the leading preschool franchises in India, committed to providing children with an educational environment that enhances their physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development. Their curriculum features unique pedagogy as well as updated study materials. Furthermore, their support team offers extensive support and training for franchisees.

Preschool education has become an essential component of early development, and parents are willing to invest money in this sector of their child’s life. Preschool franchising represents an excellent business opportunity with massive potential growth; just make sure you conduct enough research in selecting an established franchise before making a commitment.

Bachpan School was established two decades ago and remains cutting-edge when it comes to learning and technology. Their Speak-O-Kit offers speaking books and pens powered by nanotechnology for an interactive learning experience for children while parents appreciate how modern the school is. Furthermore, the Robotime kit promotes critical problem-solving abilities as well as encourages logical thought processes amongst its pupils.

Tijay Gupta is the co-founder and COO of Bachpan Play School. As one of 40 under 40 entrepreneurs honored by various organizations for his educational contributions, he holds a degree in Political Science while his passion lies with computers and management – making an impactful difference in young lives.

Euro Kids preschool chain boasts more than 135 schools throughout India, making it one of the largest networks. Their goal is to build a global community for children through educational programs they offer. Euro Kids franchise opportunities require a minimum investment of 10-12 lakh rupees in 2000-square foot space space for expansion.


Preschool franchise investments can be an ideal way to launch your entrepreneurial journey. Established franchise businesses provide stable returns while offering training and support that can help ensure the success of an early education business venture. Plus, this option reduces some of the risks involved with starting one from scratch!

Kidzee Preschool Chain is well-renowned for providing quality education and an engaging learning experience to young children. Their curriculum places particular emphasis on developing cognitive, social-emotional and physical skills while creating a nurturing learning environment. Individuals interested in owning franchises will require an initial investment of 12 lakh rupees in franchise fees and working capital costs.

Preschool franchises can bring many advantages, including steady revenue streams, brand recognition and marketing support. A good franchisor can help you select a location which is both safe and appealing to students and parents; additionally, it should be easily accessible.

Before investing in a preschool franchise, it’s essential that you perform thorough research into its brands and models available, their financial stability and credibility as well as any required startup costs and space considerations.

Preschools often provide unique extra-curricular activities that set them apart from competitors. Ruma Chakraborty, franchisee of Shemrock Preschool in Mumbai, says their experiential learning approach has allowed her to set herself apart in a highly competitive market. Furthermore, Shemrock Preschool follows the multiple intelligences theory for its curriculum design, emphasizing individual strengths and learning styles to facilitate high student enrollment numbers with positive parent feedback.

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