Two CMEs hit Earth, spark extra strong solar storm; NASA model shows more on the way – Internet blackout possible


The photo voltaic exercise on Earth has intensified. Yesterday, December 1, it was reported {that a} second coronal mass ejection (CME) was headed for the Earth which might flip the continued photo voltaic storm much more intense, and precisely that occurred. A couple of hours earlier, the second CME made an affect and sparked an extremely highly effective G3-class photo voltaic storm. The storm resulted in a number of the brightest aurora shows seen the world over. Whereas it has begun subsiding slowly, a NASA mannequin has proven that extra CMEs are headed towards the Earth and would possibly make contact with our magnetosphere earlier than the tip of the day. A report additionally suggests web blackout can be doable.

In keeping with a report by, “One and presumably two CMEs hit Earth’s magnetic subject on Dec. 1st, sparking a powerful G3-class geomagnetic storm. On the apex of the occasion, simply earlier than dawn on the US west coast, auroras had been photographed within the USA as far south as Arizona and California”.

The report additionally addressed the NASA mannequin that predicts prolonged photo voltaic storms attributable to additional CME bombing. “Are extra CMEs on the best way? Possibly. On Nov. twenty seventh and twenty eighth, the solar launched a minimum of 3 CMEs towards Earth. The largest one most likely swept up a number of the storm clouds in entrance of it, forming a Cannibal CME. It is doable that immediately’s impacts account for all of these CMEs, however we won’t rule out one other affect earlier than the day is over,” it added.

A report by the Impartial has additionally highlighted that this photo voltaic storm may set off radio indicators, GPS, and even web connectivity if it will get excessive.

Robust photo voltaic storm hits the Earth

Dr. Tamitha Skov, the favored house climate physicist, was additionally busy reposting individuals’s pictures of auroras seen the world over. Responding to a picture of auroras seen in New Mexico within the US, Skov said, “Woah. That may be completely insane if it seems to be #aurora this far south throughout this ongoing #solarstorm”. She additionally reposted a put up that confirmed intense crimson auroras in Mongolia, highlighting the weakening of the phenomenon. “Intense! Extraordinarily crimson #aurora had been seen over Mongolian skies this morning in the course of the preliminary affect of this ongoing #solarstorm. Sadly, we wont attain G3-levels once more, because the second half of this storm is popping out to be a lot weaker than the primary half,” she mentioned.

How NASA SOHO watches the Solar

NASA’s SOHO is a satellite tv for pc that was launched on December 2, 1995. It’s a joint venture between NASA and the European House Company (ESA) to check the solar, its ambiance, and its results on the photo voltaic system. Geared up with 12 scientific devices, equivalent to an Excessive Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (EIT), Michelson Doppler Imager (MDI), LASCO (Massive Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph), and others, SOHO captures pictures of the solar’s corona, measures the rate and magnetic fields of the solar’s floor, and observes the faint corona across the solar.


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