Vikram Lander in deep sleep: Can ISRO wake it up again? Know the future of Chandrayaan-3


Chandryaan-3 mission took its first flight on July 14, 2023, and its Vikram lander touched down on the lunar floor on August 23, marking one of many greatest achievements in historical past for the Indian House Analysis Group (ISRO). India turned the fourth nation to efficiently land on the Moon whereas additionally turning into the primary nation to take action on the lunar South Pole. The Vikram lander stayed and performed research on the Moon’s south pole for 14 lunar days, earlier than being put to sleep. Now, the lander is in sleep mode because the lunar night time commences. Know when the lander will probably be activated by ISRO.

When will Vikram lander be activated?

The Vikram lander and the Pragyan rover made numerous essential discoveries on the Moon’s South Pole that surprised the folks. The newfound research could unravel the assorted mysteries in addition to change earlier theories in regards to the Moon. ISRO reported that the Vikram lander captured seismic exercise on the Moon whereas claiming that it was a pure phenomenon. The area company was additionally capable of check launch the lander once more and it safely landed on the Moon twice.

After 14 days of conducting in-situ experiments, the lunar night time started which meant the tip of the Chandrayaan-3 mission, nonetheless, there are nonetheless hopes that the Vikram lander will probably be activated once more. On September 4, 2023, the lander was put in sleep mode so it may survive the cruel atmosphere of the lunar night time. With immense darkness and freezing temperatures of almost -200 levels, it’s unlikely that the lander will roar again to life, however ISRO scientists say that it is doable if the photo voltaic panels get charged with the solar.

As per studies, the Vikram lander is anticipated to be woken up on September 22. ISRO will put in efforts to reactivate the system and if it wakes up, then the Chandrayaan-3 will stick with it conducting lunar research past its preliminary mission period. If not, the lander will keep perpetually on the Moon’s South Pole as an Indian ambassador.


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