Why Should You Replace Your Windshield?

Although there are many online tutorials to assist you in doing your job, it will never be as trustworthy as hiring a professional. Filling the gap may not be sufficient, and your visibility may be impaired when driving. To be safe and keep others on the road secure, you should always use your windshield to its greatest extent. Cracks are quite dangerous since they may spread and cause damage to your entire windscreen, so if you don’t repair it immediately away, you’ll probably have to do so relatively soon.

Windshield Replacement Preparation

Choose a trustworthy glass store, such as Clear Choice Auto Glass, which has been assisting Ottawa residents in repairing cracked, damaged, and outdated windshields for many years. If the damage is severe, you should find alternate transportation for a few days. Check your insurance coverage to see whether it covers windshield damage and, if so, if it will cover the total cost of repair or, at the very least, assist pay for a rental car while you wait.

Ottawa Windshield Repair

If a rock chips your glass, call Clear Choice Auto Glass or come in for a free consultation. According to the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS), our specialists are thoroughly educated and certified to install windshields. We are always delighted to discuss and answer any queries while providing the most delicate quality glass and service. Keep yourself safe at all times by contacting Clear Choice Auto Glass for an affordable and straightforward windshield repair.

Why is it required to calibrate the windscreen camera?

Sensors and cameras are used to power ADAS windscreens in most cases. Following a windscreen repair, automakers recommend calibrating the system to verify that all safety mechanisms are operational. These technologies may be jeopardized if your windshield is installed improperly, even by a few centimeters! Because each automobile is unique, manufacturers specify distinct calibration parameters for their Driver Assistance.

Film for paint protection

Nothing makes your automobile appear better than a new coat of paint. Unfortunately, factors like dirt, dust, and weathering cause your car’s paint to fade and disintegrate with time. But what if there had been a technique to prevent fading and peeling of your car’s paint? Our paint protection is available for all makes and models at Clear Choice Auto Glass. Each aids in the long-term preservation of your vehicle’s paint. 

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