Why Young Adults Must Stop Putting Off STD Testing In Montreal 

STD Testing

The medical community underwent countless challenges during the first year of the COVID19 pandemic. Many patients had to put off routine or emergency tests and healthcare processes because of the pandemic. Thankfully, the medical community knows a lot about this virus now.

They are also encouraging people who had postponed their checkups or physical tests during the pandemic to come in. Patients can finally visit their hospitals or clinics to undergo important tests. Many people, especially youngsters, desperately need STD testing Montreal.

According to various reports, the risk of youngsters contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) significantly increased during the pandemic. Many people with no access to gynecologists or health clinics are turning to Reddit to seek STD-related advice.

The internet (especially Reddit) is no place for youngsters to seek advice or health tips on STD-related issues. However, most STDs have no symptoms. That’s why youngsters who’ve recently had vaginal, anal, or oral sex must talk with a gynecologist about getting STD tested.

Who Should Get Std Testing?

Sexually active men and women age 24 and younger face the highest risk of contracting STDs like chlamydia or gonorrhea. However, anyone experiencing the following symptoms should get STD testing.

Some common signs of STDs are –

  • Flu-like symptoms (swollen glands, fatigue, constant fever, body aches, etc.)
  • Itching or swelling in private parts (anus, vagina, or penis)
  • Burning sensations when urinating
  • Increased need to urinate
  • Peculiar discharges from the vagina/penis
  • Sores around the genitals

Bear in mind – these symptoms can indicate other diseases like skin infections or urinary tract infections. Getting tested at STD clinics is the only way for patients to confirm their diagnosis and potential treatment requirements.

What Happens At STD Tests?

Does the idea of getting STD tested worry you? Don’t be afraid. Modern medicine can cure most types of STDs. But, unless you get tested and receive timely treatments, curing them will be very difficult. The sooner patients are aware of their STDs, the better they can care for themselves and their sexual partners.

Here’s what happens at STD testing clinics –

  • Qualified gynecologists and nurses enquire about the symptoms.
  • The specialists discuss issues like the types of sexual contact the patient may have had. Anything that involves the passage of sexual fluids or skin-to-skin genital contact is deemed a sexual activity by gynecologists.
  • The doctors ask about the patient’s use of condoms and other safe sex tools.

After these preliminary questions, the doctors conduct the tests in a pain-free and quick manner. Different STD tests have different protocols.

Typically, tests for common STDs like Chlamydia, Genital herpes, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, HPV, and Syphilis involve the following steps –

  • Urine tests; patients have to pee inside cups
  • Cheek swabs
  • Blood tests
  • Physical exams to check for genital sores, thigh rashes, and other irritations in the genital areas.

Usually, experienced doctors are able to tell whether a patient has an STD or not just by reviewing the symptoms. Still, the tests are vital, and in many clinics, the results are available in less than a day.

The Dangers Of Putting Off STD Tests

Youngsters should never avoid getting tested, as STDs can easily evolve into serious health problems if left untreated. Here are some short and long-term risks of avoiding STD testing –

  • Passing the STD infection/s to others. Condoms only provide limited protection to patients with multiple STDs.
  • When left untreated, chlamydia or gonorrhea can evolve into infertility in both men and women.
  • Even curable STDs can endanger pregnancies. There’s also the risk of transmitting the STD to the baby during birth.

Technically, all sexually active and promiscuous people face an increased risk of STD infections. So, everyone in this category should be getting STD testing. But, government agencies focus on youngsters because STD tests are often viewed as something shameful by youngsters.

Plus, many STD symptoms appear and disappear with time. Youngsters are likelier to experience mild STD symptoms that aren’t too bothersome. Finding out you have STDs is disappointing. But not finding them out until it is too late is worse.

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