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Entertainment right now. She is the daughter of ’90s action star Jeric Raval and actress Alyssa Alvarez. While the net worth of AJ Raval’s family will vary based on her sources of income, there are several ways to get a quick overview of this young actress’s personal life.

AJ Raval’s father is ’90s action star Jeric Raval

AJ’s father, former action star Jeric, is a big fan of the young actress’s career. AJ’s father is ’90s action star Jeric Raval, and her mother, ’90s actress Alyssa Alvarez, is a former model. The two are married, and they have one child, AJ. The teenager was born in the Philippines on September 30, 1995.

Her parents met when she was five years old and married at the age of nineteen. She joined PEP at the age of 15 and released the song “Madaling Araw” in 2020. After this, she starred in several movies under Viva Films, including Death of a Girlfriend, Taya, and Nerisa. AJ’s social media pages reveal that she has several friends.

AJ Raval’s father is a popular ’90s action star Jeric ‘Valencia’ actor. His father is also a former sensuous star actress, Alyssa Alvarez. The teenager considers Holiday Buensuceso as her mother, although she left Holiday when she was 14. The former beauty queen and actress enjoys being with her biological mother and her siblings.

AJ Raval’s parents met at a music concert. Jeric and Holiday married in 1995 and separated shortly thereafter. Holiday, AJ’s biological mother, was the one who raised her from the age of three to fourteen. AJ considered Holiday Buensuceso her real mother and returned to her biological mother in the 1990s. She has many siblings, but Jeric made AJ accept them as equals, allowing her to choose the one she believes is best for her.

AJ Raval’s father, ’90s action star Jeric Rav, is a well-respected Filipino action star. He was born on 30 September 1974. He has 18 children and ten grandchildren. His career in the industry started when he made his first movie, Bagansya. After his debut, he acted in Barkada Walang. His net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

AJ Raval’s mother is Alyssa Alvarez

AJ Raval’s mother, Alyssa Alvarez, has finally spoken out about the controversial breakup. The actress shared an exclusive statement on Tuesday where she revealed that her son’s alleged cheating father, Aljur Abrenica, broke his silence. She said Abrenica told her everything about their separation. Alyssa Alvarez also said she knew all about it since the start.

AJ Raval’s mother, Alyssa Alvarez, is the subject of a controversy in which she reportedly lambasted a controversial social media personality. The actress took to Twitter to denounce the controversial vlogger for his hot words against AJ. In response to this post, Alyssa posted a video of her own, where she addressed the allegations made by Barbie.

Alyssa and Jeric had a brief romance on Lunes. The two fought for AJ Raval’s affection. Holiday also became jealous and she hid her feelings from her son. AJ, however, was not too happy about the breakup. After all, she was the mother of her son. Despite her jealousy, the two women were never officially married.

AJ Raval’s mother has weighed in on the controversy surrounding her daughter’s budding romance with Aljur Abrenica. Jeric Raval and Aljur’s mother, Alyssa Alvarez, have a combined total of 18 children. Of these, four are from their former relationship. In addition to their own children, AJ’s mother is also a proud mom and husband.

AJ Raval’s mother is ALYSSA ALVAREZ. She is a well-known singer and actress in the Philippines. AJ Raval’s mother has been an influencer on social media. Among her many popular videos are the ones titled “Mommyysai” and “Only AJ Style.”

AJ Raval’s net worth depends on income source

The net worth of AJ Raval depends on the amount of money she makes in her various sources of income. She earns money from modeling, acting and social media. Aj has over 1 million followers on Instagram and over 9 million fans on TikTok. Her net worth is currently unknown, but she is estimated to be worth at least $500,000 as of the end of 2018.

AJ Raval was born in Manila, Philippines, on 30 September 1995. Her parents were Christian and she has a younger sister named Vanessa. Her social media presence has made her a popular figure on Instagram, and she also has a YouTube channel named AJ Raval. Her net worth depends on the type of income she receives. She earns a lot from her Instagram, YouTube and other online platforms.

AJ Raval’s net worth is dependent on her sources of income, which include acting, blogging, and YouTube. Fortunately, she comes from a family of celebrities. Her father, Jeric, is an established actor who has appeared in a number of successful films. His mother also was a well-known actress, so it’s no surprise that AJ Raval’s net worth is expected to continue to rise in the coming years.

Aj Raval is an active YouTuber. His videos have millions of views. He has been on the site for about two years, and his most popular video has more than a million views. His YouTube presence has also led to an increase in his net worth. His Instagram account is also worth mentioning, with over one million followers. It is difficult to estimate how much he earns in a day, so it’s best to check out his YouTube page and see what kind of posts he makes on a daily basis.

AJ Raval’s relationship with her father

AJ Raval’s father, Jeric Raval, has finally come clean about the relationship between his daughter and Aljur Abrenica. In an interview with PEP, Jeric revealed that his daughter is deeply in love with Aljur. In addition, Jeric also said that she would be better off if she finds a single partner. But his daughter is quick to put a stop to all speculations.

After AJ Raval’s debut movie “Death of a Girlfriend,” she became famous and talked about her father and her career decision. AJ Raval’s father, Jeric, was not too supportive of her choice to pursue her career in risky roles, but he did allow her to take the decision to do what she wanted. Even when he would scold her for wearing clothes that were too daring, her daughter made the right decision.

However, Abrenica’s mother, Aljur Abrenica, has urged Kylie Padilla to tell the truth. AJ Raval’s mother, Aljur Abrenica, has also expressed her disapproval of Raval’s statements. Abrenica’s mother, Aljur Abrenica, has spoken out about Raval’s “hurtful” words. But she has also said that she and Abrenica “are getting to know” each other.

Jeric also talked to Aljur about AJ’s relationship with Aljur. He asked her about her plans for her life with her future husband. Jeric also asked about AJ’s relationship with Aljur’s suitors. Despite the disagreement, Aljur’s relationship with her father is healthy and fulfilling. If the relationship between AJ and Aljur becomes acrimonious one, it will be difficult for the children to move forward.

AJ Raval’s YouTube videos have 10 M views

Aj Raval is one of the hottest young stars on social media. The daughter of action star Jeric Raval, AJ is enjoying a meteoric rise in the industry. After releasing a video about washing her brother’s car, she decided to embrace vlogging. The short video, which has 1.3 million views, quickly spread across the Internet. AJ’s vlogs are rated ‘funny’, and she has a huge following.

AJ Raval has a large following on Instagram, with over 1 million followers and an average of 50-100 thousand likes on each post. He joined YouTube in November 2019 and began posting videos based on his vlogs. His YouTube channel has more than one million subscribers. The following statistics are a little less than surprising, but they are still a good indication of his popularity.

AJ Raval was born in the United States, and he was raised in a Christian family. His brother, Alex, and sister, Vanessa, also became famous after they posted inspirational captions and Reels on their YouTube channels. Apart from his YouTube channel, he also has a popular Instagram account. Aj Raval has over one million followers and nine million fans. He has also earned an impressive amount on TikTok.

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