Points to Remember While Buying High Heels

Retail is a psychologically driven market. Clothing items, FMCG, gadgets, etc., are sometimes sold based on a presumed higher value than the actual functionality or benefits. People fall into many pieces of advice, suggestions or trends and buy stuff they regret later. The same goes for the purchasing process of high heels. You see stylish footwear in the store or on the online App, and you are tempted to buy one. womens high heels in australia are a trending footwear item with varied designs and comforts for all types of usage; in fact, high heels will be the last footwear to go out of fashion.

Even during the pandemic, the Australian footwear market reached US$4,066 million in 2021. The market is predicted to grow further by 8.28% by 2025. The biggest segment in the market is leather footwear. The fashion industry is also influential in the purchasing choice of individuals, as it is so volatile.

It doesn’t matter how vigilant you are or how carefully you purchase high heels; you will probably choose something inappropriate unless you are aware of the below-mentioned points.

Below are the common lapses individuals make while purchasing high heels.

Walk on carpet to test the footwear.

It is not a coincidence that every shoe store you went to in your life had a carpeted floor. They do this because, when you walk on the carpet in new shoes, it feels like the shoes have an extra layer of padding—which is just a trick. So, next time you visit a shoe store, walk on tiles or non-carpet areas in the shop.

Try and buy

Never make this mistake of just trying to check fitness and buy. You need to walk around in those shoes for at least 5 minutes. It will let you know if there’s any discomfort or pain during the test walk. It would be great if you did this because you are going to spend hours in these shoes, so a 5-minute trial is not bad.

Hence, next time you visit a store of womens high heels in australia, try, walk and buy.

Choosing the incorrect size

It is better not to stick to a decision based on the views of bloggers or influencers on shoe advice. Some will tell you to buy a size smaller, and some will tell you to buy a size bigger. There are no such rules when it comes to high heels—buy the one which fits you perfectly.

There is also a chance of a change in your foot size or shape. A person’s foot could change over the years, and it is a natural process of ageing. Always check your size using a shoe measuring device before buying a new pair.

Buying first copy/cheaply made shoes

The first copy or cheaper shoes may look good, but it is essential to check on their durability and strength. Always buy a pair from a reputed brand, whether it is from a national, global or local manufacturer.

Shopping too early

One mistake that people often make is shopping in the morning. This is not a good time because of a reason. Your feet swell about 5% toward the end of the day (a natural process), and that is the time to check the fit of a new pair of shoes.

These points will help you pick the right pair of shoes for your next shopping trip.

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