Prelims Crash Course by Tathastu ICS

Prelims Crash Course

Prelims Crash Courses provide intensive education on one subject within a short timeframe, often following the syllabus of a competitive exam. Such classes help aspirants grasp concepts needed for competitive exams more easily while building confidence – an especially good solution for repeaters!


Crash courses provide intensive subject-specific education that quickly helps students master a particular topic, by providing only relevant material needed for passing an examination. They cover an impressive amount of material quickly – which may prove helpful for those struggling with time management or lacking motivation for self-study.

Crash courses provide another key benefit in helping students better absorb knowledge. While studying, it can be easy for information or concepts learned previously to slip away or get forgotten; by enrolling in a crash course, students can avoid this pitfall by learning new material daily – increasing their odds of passing an exam successfully!

Signing up for a crash course provides students with access to thousands of practice questions and mock tests, enabling them to spot mistakes more easily while building confidence and rectifying any misconceptions about prelims MCQs with ease. Furthermore, attending these crash courses gives access to live doubt solving sessions hosted by top faculty members – another advantage.


Crash courses can be extremely helpful to students preparing for UPSC CSE examinations who don’t have enough time to devote to preparation. Crash courses enable these individuals to cover all the material quickly. These courses are specifically tailored to equipping students with knowledge on a subject matter so that they may excel in an exam, including strategy sessions designed to teach candidates how to tackle prelims MCQs effectively and build confidence. They provide topic-wise marathon sessions on prelims papers from the last five years’, enabling candidates to build an excellent factual and conceptual base, helping them pass the exam in one attempt. Furthermore, the course covers recent developments in science and technology.

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