Top 5 Salesforce Data Recovery And Backup Tools To Try Out


Salesforce had stopped and restarted their classic data backup and recovery service last year. However, still, it takes a lot of time and costs nearly $10,000 for the users to avail themselves of this native Salesforce service. Many users consider Salesforce data as safe by being on the cloud, but this is not the case. There is every possibility that you may lose enterprise data due to many reasons ranging from user errors to intentional data deletion. In case of a data mishap, you have to log a data recovery request with Salesforce, and it may take about six to eight weeks time for you to make a recovery manually.

There are many third-party tools also available for Salesforce data backup and recovery. In this article, we will try to explore some of the best enterprise Salesforce data backup and recovery tools, which can offer optimum protection to your data and do backup and recovery at your discretion.

Data and Metadata

In order to evaluate the capabilities of third-party data management tools, you need to first understand the difference between data and metadata in the Salesforce enterprise ecosystem. Data in Salesforce refers to all the records stored in the DB and the custom objects. All these records are referred to as data types specified with ID. Data files are kept like spreadsheets where the values are stored in columns and rows, whereas primary Salesforce data is stored in objects such as Cases, Accounts, Chatter, Leads, Files, etc.

Metadata, on the other hand, is the data about data. This refers to the customization and specification of changes that the users do on data based on their specific business requirements. Say, for example, in a standard use case, metadata may refer to changing the custom fields, apex classes, triggers, assignment rules, and so on. So, when referring to Salesforce data backup, we cannot avoid the need for metadata backup, without which data restoration is impossible. Now, let us look at the best five tools for Salesforce data backup and recovery.

Why Data Recovery?

There are a lot of situations in which Salesforce users may accidentally delete important data from the production Orgs. Sometimes, by using the Data Loader, they may do bulk data export, which can be deleted in bulk. In fact, Salesforce data recovery and backup take a lot of time with its native data restoration support. It is also not assured that you will get 100% data recovery done through this process. Time constraint is one major thing that led to the retirement of the data recovery services by Salesforce, and even though it was reintroduced later, the time delay remains the same.

Data Recovery Tools

There are a lot of data recovery tools available now at the App Exchange, which is the Salesforce marketplace of functional applications with Salesforce. App Exchange tools put forth data and metadata backup and recovery options. Salesforce also recommends the use of these tools in order to enjoy the full functional benefits of the Salesforce ecosystem. Here are some top choices to make.

  1. Ownbackup

This tool offers support to back up the Salesforce data and also metadata in real-time. It can also support different cloud-based solutions along with Salesforce like nCino, Veeva, and sage, etc. If you are looking at an all-inclusive data recovery solution for Salesforce, then you may explore the Ownbackup features and give it a try.

  1. Spanning

Spanning is a wonderful cloud-based Salesforce data backup solution. It also supports Office 365 and G-suite etc. The provider is a competitor of many other top-end data services as they offer a very simple and user-friendly click-based solution for Salesforce data restoration. This can be achieved in the shortest span of time, which makes Spanning the favorite of many. As the provider claims, they have already supported 10K+ organizations across the globe in Salesforce data backup and growing.

  1. Odaseva

Odaseva is another reliable solution for Salesforce data backup, which offers a highly user-friendly approach to backup and recovery. It uses a reliable data governance platform for automating the data backup, and it is also used by different product-based companies like “Schneider Electric.” By going to their portal, you can request a free demo to understand the features in light of your specific needs.

  1. Grax

Grax is one of the latest data management platforms, which offers reliable backup services for Salesforce data. If you have to recovery Salesforce data in the shortest span of time, you can rely on Grax’s time machine function, which will help retrieve your data most quickly. Many advanced features are coming packed with Grax, which you may explore and match with your Salesforce data backup and recovery needs.

  1. CloudAlly

CloudAlly is another cloud-to-cloud data backup service by Salesforce, which offers an easy recovery solution also. This tool will help you to back up all the Salesforce data into Amazon S3 storage and make easy recovery and restoration possible at any time. There are many other features too on CloudAlly, which will help the Salesforce users to ensure better management of data on Salesforce CRM.

So, here we have reviewed the top five solutions for Salesforce enterprise data backup and restoration. If you plan to have a reliable backup for Salesforce data, then you must consider various options and rethink your choices in light of future expectations. On the other hand, if you do not have to back up your Salesforce data, you may be making a big mistake as many other enterprises in the same assumption and end in chaos during data mishaps.

There are plenty of other general data backup companies offering various data backup and recovery methods, but not all of them are made the same. Salesforce recommends the reliable ones who have listed their tools at the App Exchange, which is the dedicated marketplace for Salesforce compliant apps. If you find the above five tools worthwhile, you can start by exploring the same features and try to find out many other similar applications available at the App Exchange.

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