Things To Know About Go Beach Club Barcelona Before Visiting

Beach Club Barcelona

Barcelona is a major cultural, economic, and financial center in southwestern Europe, as well as the main biotech hub in Spain. As a leading world city, Barcelona’s influence in global socio-economic affairs qualifies it for global city status.

Barcelona is a city where you can find underground clubs, terraces and rooftops, and even incredible bars, but it is undoubtedly its clubs and discotheques that set the pace of the night.

About the Club

The Go beach Barcelona club organizes the hottest pool parties in Barcelona, the place is spectacular. It has a breathtaking view of the sea where you can admire the most beautiful sunset in the evening and enjoy the sun to tan the day. The atmosphere is crazy, on the program champagne showers, good reggaeton sound with deejays from around the world to sway. The bar offers excellent cocktails throughout your evening.

The club is the ideal place to go when temperatures begin to rise. Go Beach Barcelona club is both elegant, exciting, and unlike any other venue in the city of Barcelona. You then have this club restaurant with its terrace and finally the beach club with indoor and outdoor space and a sparkling pool.

Versatile Space

Whether you are looking to have a pool party in Barcelona or simply want to enjoy the sunset from a beach terrace, Go Beach is uniquely positioned for all kinds of parties and events. Distributed over four floors, the place can accommodate groups and has tons of possibilities when it comes to organizing corporate and personal events. It’s an ideal setting for those looking to dazzle the attendees. 

The place offers tons of seating options in the form of tables, sofas, and balinese. People can even laze by the pool on hammocks, or relax on the sofa. The place features a spectacular Sky-Bar that offers a 360-degree view of the sea and the city skyline around. 

The linear design, and the perfect location, make it perfect for any kind of party. The beach club, the club, the restaurant, and the sky roof make it a versatile space. It’s a place with endless possibilities. So, whether you want to host a pool party in Barcelona or want to host an event in an idyllic setting, this spot has got it all.

An Exclusive Place To Relax

Go beach is known for being an awesome spot for big groups with communal tables. It has lots of space to celebrate. The place has long reflected the warm, inviting character of beach life in Barcelona.

Go beach offers impeccable sophistication and best-in-class bespoke service. The place offers every amenity needed to cater to inspire the guests’ desire. The intimate restaurant brings together local flavors and an elegant expression of various culinary delights.

From girls’ weekends and bachelor parties to incentive trips, the place offers tons to all. All this makes it one of Barcelona’s most illustrious seaside havens. So, whether you’re venturing from some other corner of the world, or merely from some part of Spain, willing to experience the marvelous and fun side of Barcelona. 

Different Floors

1st floor

On the first floor, we can find a pool of the club located on the central court. The capacity of the pool is 1,400 square meters so that many people can bathe at the same time, making it an ideal multifunctional space that easily adapts to any party or event in the club.

2nd floor

On the second floor, the club and the terrace stand out for their great adaptability creating a translucent space for almost more than 600 square meters that can accommodate up to 500 people at once. 

3rd floor

On the third floor of the club is one of the most incredible spaces due to its huge windows that show direct views of the Mediterranean Sea and a relaxed atmosphere for anyone. The intimate restaurant brings together local flavors and an elegant expression of various culinary delights. 

4th floor

Finally, on the fourth and last floor, you will find the most exclusive terrace of the entire club that offers direct 360º views of the bay of Maresme and the Port Forum. 


Located in the heart of Barcelona this grandiose building has its charisma and charm that allures people from all over the world.

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