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Implant Dentistry in Noida

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, where they fuse with bone through an Osseointegration process.

Dental implant procedures may be uncomfortable at first, but in the long run they’re worth it – you’ll gain stronger teeth with an enhanced smile!

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Endosteal dental implants are the go-to choice when replacing one or more missing teeth without disturbing adjacent ones, thanks to osseointegration technology. Furthermore, this method has proven more durable than alternatives like bridges or dentures.

Your dentist will first use local anesthesia or sedation to numb the area before making an incision in your gum tissue to expose the jawbone beneath. They’ll drill a pilot hole into this exposed bone, using special drills to slowly widen it until its diameter matches that of an implant screw – which they’ll place as the new tooth root.

After the implant site has healed, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth and existing teeth to create a crown that fits on top of the abutment. They then either screw or cement this crown in place for you, creating either an artificial tooth, a full arch of teeth, or bridge prosthesis as the final prosthesis.

Benefits of dental implants are numerous, including being able to eat anything without experiencing discomfort and maintaining natural teeth. Frequent checkups with the dentist and good dental hygiene habits will increase your odds of success with this treatment option.


Dental implants can be an ideal way to replace missing teeth. Crafted of titanium, dental implants integrate seamlessly with bone tissue in your jaw and provide a permanent replacement that looks natural while being sturdy and durable enough for daily wear and tear. Furthermore, unlike bridges which necessitate extracting healthy adjacent teeth in order to support them – dental implants don’t necessitate extractions!

Modern implant dentistry offers two main forms of dental implants: endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal implants consist of screw-shaped posts inserted directly into your jawbone. Over time, bone tissue grows around these screws and secures them firmly into position – our team will then attach an artificial replacement tooth to their metal portion, giving you a new smile!

Subperiosteal implants are similar to endosteal implants, except they’re placed above your jawbone and supported by soft tissue instead. This type of implant may be better for patients with thin jawbones.

Qualified dentists in Noida will conduct an exhaustive examination of your oral health to ascertain if it qualifies for dental implants. The evaluation includes taking X-rays of your jaw, mouth and teeth in order to assess the state of your oral wellbeing. Following this evaluation process, our implantologists can help you select an ideal treatment option to meet your individual requirements.

Teeth Whitening

Dental implants offer a modern solution for replacing missing teeth. A smart choice for adults of all ages, dental implants are an effective solution that can resolve many difficulties associated with tooth loss – from difficulty chewing and speaking issues, to improper alignment.

At this treatment, your dentist implants a post into your jawbone where the original root of your tooth was. After several months, this implant becomes integrated with the bone and can support an artificial replacement tooth that appears and feels just like natural ones – unlike traditional bridges.

Dental implants offer other advantages as well, including reduced chances of shifting or loosening over time, interference-free use with surrounding teeth, and lasting up to a lifetime with proper care; brushing twice daily and avoiding foods which are difficult to chew or stain easily are important ways of maintaining dental implant durability.

Floss Dental Clinic in Noida provides a wide variety of affordable dental services. Their team of highly-qualified dentists is dedicated to improving patients’ oral health, providing root canal treatment, gum surgery and teeth whitening among other procedures. In addition, their ultramodern facilities and cutting edge technology facilitate these procedures efficiently while offering free consultation and X-rays for every patient – not forgetting an outstanding customer service staff who is always eager to answer questions promptly.

Smile Designing

Smiles are one of the first things others notice about us and they play an essential part in shaping how others view us. A beautiful smile can transform our appearance and increase self-esteem, yet sometimes it is hard to achieve that perfect one. Luckily, cosmetic treatments exist that can improve it; such as correcting tooth position, size and shape as well as changing gum line shape reshaping and even replacing veneers if necessary (more commonly).

An intensive smile evaluation should identify all dental and facial dimensions that influence its aesthetics, such as midline deviations between dental midlines and facial midlines as well as any overall angulation of them (Fig 27). Midline deviations whereby one lip doesn’t align perfectly with another are particularly obvious and must be dealt with promptly, unlike when their midlines bisect each other (fig 28).

An excellent implant surgeon and restorative dentist work as a team for the benefit of their patient. A high-quality laboratory also plays a critical role in your case’s success; ITI-Straumann, 3I and Zimmer are some of the world’s premier manufacturers that utilize these implants.

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